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Feb 18th, 2004, 10:37 PM
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As far as this debate is concerned I am on the retreat. I have said my say and made whatever points I feel have had to be made.

STD thanks for your mail. There is a lot of sound reasoning in what you say however I do not agree with all said especially about John Berry as I think he did the right thing in the correct manner. Most important is the fact that Roccco started this all by trying to slander him for his methods via this webpage when it seemed as if his ego was blasted. I disagree with you when you say that harm has been done to him as I believe quite a lot of good has been done for Mr.Berry's organisation. I for one, and I am sure other Fodorites have now visited his website (which I would never have done in the past) and to be quite honest I am quite happy with his product. Had Roccco not opened the debate I and others would not have done the web search. You know what they say, "any news is good news when it comes to advertising". Roccco has inadvertently with his first mail given Mr. Berry that very valuable opening. Thats the irony of this all.

I dont think that I or any Fodorites will achieve much more out of this debate. With the above said I do not want to pursue the issue any more as this debate has got to a point of no return and very nasty at that too. For the latter fact I unreservedly say I carry much of the responsibility. I am however not sorry for adopting this attitude as the subject was too important to leave standing.

As I leave this debate may I just remind all that this thread was not started by me nor John Berry; it was started by Roccco who got egg on his face when a tour operator told him where to get off with his consumer approach (be this approach fair or unfair). In the process Roccco tried to "burn" the operator for his being put down by him and to do so he used this travel board thus involving all Fodorites. Who was right; who was wrong? Did Roccco play fairly with his "numerous" mails to Mr.Berry or was Mr.Berry wrong in telling him off as he did? Makes one think does it not however in the end after reading the whole debate you have to be your own jury on this one.

PS. Liz (Aka "the peacemaker") I am still in good shape health wise and I reckon Roccco is in a similar state too.
Thanks for your caring and concern.

I'm outa here on this one meaning you will see no more responses from me on this subject.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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Feb 19th, 2004, 12:45 AM
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Unlike you, I have no intention of seeking pats on my back or halos over my head for what I do in Africa but I am happy that my mentioning about it has prompted you to offer more of your hard earned savings to the African villages. I just hope that you will offer it in a more dignified way than throwing the Kwachas out to the villages! Enjoy your hard earned trip.

STD - yes, customer is always king.

Liz - Thanks and will try to increase my contribution with less 'noise'

Selwyn - don't be afraid to say what you have to say. I am happy with it.
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Feb 19th, 2004, 07:06 AM
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>>>>>>You see, in business, we MUST entertain the customer--NO MATTER WHAT!<<<<<<

When I visited a Rhode Island beach resort, I went into an upscale women's clothing store with one of my American friends with whom I was on vacation.

In the store there was a sign that said, "No rubber necking." I asked my friend what it meant. She said rubber necking was going into a store and looking through the merchandise as a form of entertainment, just to pass the time, without any intention of buying anything.

So apparently even in the U.S., which is legendary for making the customer Number One, some businesses have their limits.

Perhaps John Berry had come to regard Roccco as a rubber necker. I thought his e-mail to Roccco was polite. The correspondence from John Berry that has been posted here at Fodors has not diminished my opinion of him. If anything, it's enhanced my opinion of him.
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