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Jul 17th, 2001, 09:10 PM
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For Mike

1) Taxis/Transport
Taxi from Dubai airport to Jumeirah Beach is going to cost in vicinity of Dirhams 60, however, most orange cabs (the majority) don't have meters. Journey (depends of level of traffic) takes 20 - 40 minutes. Distance from Jumeirah to city center is around same (maybe less) than distance to airport. Most hotels on Jumeirah Beach are 4 and 5 star - they all have shuttle buses to take you into shopping area (and I'm sure most would also send a car to collect you from airport). Short trips within center should be around Dirhams 5 (unless you cross the creek and then price increases). You pay quite a lot more if you use a taxi late at night. I believe there is a bus that goes down Jumeirah Beach Road (I think it's a No.8 - but don't quote me) - it goes to the water park. There are two bus stations in Dubai, it is possible to purchase some kind of bus pass (but I don't know whether you'll need that). If you do want to try purchasing a pass, bring an extra passport photo.

2) Money
Yes there are currency dealers at airport but you'll get a bad rate, best to wait until you're in town and change money at a bank or at a money changers. I don't think you should plan on washing dishes, pay is abysmal, there are many in queue ahead of you and it ruins your hands.
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Jul 17th, 2001, 09:15 PM
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3)… The Seaside:
Gulf waters should still be warm in Sept - it's a bit like stepping into a warm bath at present. Yes, there are mermaids (and mermen) but they're very shy , however, once you get to know them they're a lot of fun. Yes there are sand sharks (sorry no Great Whites's) but they are way out so doubt if you'll see them. If you see a turtle make turtle like movements in return - then they come closer (it also gives the turtle and everyone around you a good laugh).

4) Extras
Don't miss the gold souk (but if wife or girlfriend with you, lock up the credit cards), Dubai and Bahrain are the best places to purchase Iranian carpets (outside of Iran), bargain hard. Even if you fall besottedly in love with a rug, pretend to find fault with your new love (you can always make up with rug later on), being standoffish makes price drop.

5) Language
Practically everyone speaks English. However: "la" = no; "na'am" = yes; "shukran" = thank you; "shukran jazeelan" (is a bigger thank you) = thank you very much; "ana asifa" = I'm sorry.

Mike - these are just my observations, don't take anything as written in stone. Hope you enjoy your holiday.
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Jul 17th, 2001, 11:26 PM
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millions and millions of thanks, for your reply. Itīs a 5 star...6...7...maybe 10 stars help.
once again, thank you.

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