Flight time Seychelles from USA


Nov 6th, 2003, 09:35 AM
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Flight time Seychelles from USA

Could anyone tell me approx. flight time and best route from Dallas, Texas? We are looking for "beachy", beautiful water trip- of-a-life time and have been reading about Seychelles.
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Nov 6th, 2003, 12:42 PM
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A number of carriers can get you to the Seychelles.

British Air - out of London
Air France (and I believe Air Seychelles) - out of Paris
Alitalia -out of Rome?
Condor or Lufthansa - out of Frankfurt
Kenya Air - from Europe (not sure which city, but maybe Amsterdam), but definitely from Nairobi Kenya

but bear in mind, there may be a few others, and maybe some of above might no longer fly there - but I'm certain on the first three. So it's a matter of how easy it is for you to get to any of the European departure cities. You'll also have to check the schedules for when these flights leave the above cities - they do not fly daily, some only once a week and don't forget the days for the return flights. You should stay at least a week in the islands, otherwise it's a very long way to go to a beach, regardless how beautiful the Seychelles are.

A non-stop from England is about 10-11/hrs., yet if you're on the BA flight that stops in Nairobi, you have to add a few hours (maybe 2-3). At one time Air Seychelles had an office in the Los Angeles area, so you might check that. Do check the other carriers and determine their schedules and prices.

If you wish to pay for a ticket, be aware that it is very expensive - about $3200+/- a person for an unrestricted coach ticket, so you have to shop around. When we traveled, we unbundled our tickets, with first leg JFK/AMS, then AMS/NBO, then NBO/SEZ which brought the total down to just under $1500/person, and all legs had different restrictions, but we saved $$$; we also did a safari in Kenya/Tanzania prior our time in SEZ.

If using freq.flyer miles, believe you need at least 70K for coach and much more for business - so do lots of research. Air Seychelles might be a partner in the Air France program. While the other carriers - BA partners with American, Lufthansa partners with United, Air Kenya partners with KLM/NW, not sure about Alitalia, so see what good any accummulated miles might do for you.

While you might be tempted to check into one of the Round-the-World tickets, remember that the Seychelles are difficult to get to, so it wouldn't pay.

Do some checking and see what you can do about getting to SEZ either with paid ticket or miles; get the schedule of days each carrier flies. And if you can work with the routing, then you can decide where in the Seychelles you would like to stay.

If you find info to update what I've noted above, please let me know, but in the meantime, I hope this at least gets you started.
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Nov 6th, 2003, 01:35 PM
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British Air and Air Seychelles fly from London (between 10 and 11 hours)
Air Seychelles from London, Paris (9 hours, code shared by Air France), Frankfurt, Zurich, Rome and Johannesburg.
Condor from Frankfurt.
Kenya Air from Amsterdam, London and a few others.
Alitalia and Aeroflot no longer fly to Seychelles.

As sandi mentioned, they don't fly daily from every gateway city. TO keep the cost lowest, your best bet is Air Seychelles from London or Paris and then the cheapest carrier from Dallas to there..

Depending on your exact dates of travel, you could also consider flying FROM one city and back TO another. It is NOT necessary to use the same gateway each way. It will add a small amount to your Dallas-to-Europe fare (about $50 to $100) but nothing to the Air Seychelles rate (if you book with a tour operator).

Use the online airline sites for schedule only. Do NOT use their airfares. We learned early on that tour operators often have MUCH better fares (like a third of the online fare especially if using two different gateway cities). Also, they usually have unrestricted tickets in the $1600 range from New York (no way near the $3200 sandi mentioned).

Do a search on Google for 'seychelles' and you should get some tour operators.
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Nov 6th, 2003, 01:46 PM
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NoFlyZone -

Thanks for the current carrier info to the Seychelles. We haven't been since '98 and naturally things change over time. As to the $3200 fare - when we traveled, none of the tour operators could do better for us on the fares even had we been flying direct from the States (via Europe) to SEZ.

And only because we were going to Africa first and then onto SEZ, it was our decision to unbundle and came down to $1500. Which at that time, was even less than what any of the tour operators were able to do for us.

So yes, we have to be proactive in searching out the prices we are willing to fork over.

In fact when I was quoted the $3200, I asked if that was the "hostage" price to which I got a good laugh from the BA agent.

Thanks again for the information.
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Nov 7th, 2003, 10:05 AM
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Actually all Air France flights are operated by Air Seychelles

If you are non-smoker keep in mind that Lufthansa/Condor allows smoking on their flights to Seychelles. There are no flights on Air Kenya from Europe. You may however connect from Europe in Nairobi to Kenya Air which flies two (?) times a week from NBO to SEZ

None of these airlines have flights every day and unfortunatelly they do change or cancel their flights often if they do not sell enough seats. So if you are planning your trip to the Seychelles the best way would be to stop in Europe for a couple days before and after your trip
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