Final plans confirmed - questions


Sep 5th, 2002, 12:32 PM
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Final plans confirmed - questions

We have finalized our trip to Southern Africa next July. Forutnately we were able to get business class on ff miles.

We will spend four days in Cape Town at the Cape Grace, four days at Singita, three days at Phinda, two days at Xigera and three days at Mombo before returning.

I am interested in what good tour guides are avaliable in Cape Town and what are the best tours. Is it safe to rent a car or best to hire a car for the day. I am fairly well versed on Singita but I unerstand Phinda is near the Ocean and also near a lage lake and snorkeling, fishing, etc. is availabe. has anone been to Phinda. I am also interested if anyone has been to Xigera. We are pretty well versed on Mombo.

After reading all of the sensational reviews on Soutehrn Africa we can't wait to go. Thanks for all of your help in the past and any help you can give to reply to my message.
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