Family Kenya Safari July 2017


Mar 24th, 2017, 06:36 PM
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Family Kenya Safari July 2017

Hello world travelers,

My husband, 13 year old daughter and I would like to plan a safari trip in Kenya this July 2017. We have flexibility with dates (approx. July 6- 27) and would fly out of NYC. We haven't purchased our plane tickets yet, as we'll work around the dates/availability of a recommended safari trip/tour/package. We don't have the funds to go total luxury, but we're looking for accommodation with beds (or cots) and showers. Also we'd love to experience the Maasai culture and perhaps hike around the Crater Lake. There are so many tours and packages offered online, I'd love any further recommendations to guide us with planning our trip. Many thanks in advance for your help!
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Mar 25th, 2017, 02:24 AM
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Kenya safari is much rewarding the only thing i may request to know before we give much support is how long are you going to take in Kenya, i mean the number of days you have planned? this will determine the activities and park you will be going and how to combine them.
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Apr 20th, 2017, 02:30 PM
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Hi nbarton,

You and your family are going to have a stunning time on safari. I can promise you that your 13 year old will have an amazing experience – perhaps even life changing! And if may have the same effect on the parents as well!

Is it accurate to think that you’ve got the entire July 6-27 window at your disposal? If so, can you allocate 2 weeks to the trip? Kenya is worthy of a 2 week safari and one can do 3 weeks and still not see it all.

Based on your comments reading between the lines that you are an active family, I have some recommendations for you.

First and foremost, the Masai Mara ecosystem is a must-see area. It’s arguably the most productive area in the whole of Africa for game viewing. If you want basic comforts without opulence or “bush bling”, you should look at Spekes Camp. They are offering a pay 3, stay 4 special and have a lovely family unit that you can take. The beauty of Spekes Camp is that they include a private vehicle and guide with each booking. Meaning, you will have total control over your safari experience here! It’s magnificent value for money. The only caveat being is that all game drives are in the reserve and you won’t have access to private conservancies.

For active families seeking a genuine experience with a strong cultural component, I recommend you look at Karisia Walking Safaris. Basic camping on their AIR BnC spec and a 3 day walk will take you through beautiful country with strong cultural encounters and good game viewing. It’s a 3 day camel supported walking safari and camels are the beasts of burden carrying the camping gear (there are some riding camels to boot!). It’s a remarkable product.

I think you will also enjoy the rustic and genuine nature of Tassia Lodge (also offering pay 3, stay 4). Exceptional cultural experiences with the Mokogodo Maasai, beautifully guided by Martin Wheeler and in one of the prettiest settings in all of Africa. Game viewing here is variable depending upon the time of year, but on a 4 night stay, you should look into a full day outing in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy which is always strong in terms of game viewing.

If you opt to combine both Karisia and Tassia, you can connect the two via a game drive transfer in the Borana Conservancy which neighbors Lewa. It’s a stunning combo!

Lots of options out there and I am sure you will hear/read lots of opinions. This is just my two cents based on the very little I know of you.

Safari Njema,
Kota Tabuchi
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