Experiencing South Africa


May 17th, 1997, 12:48 PM
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Experiencing South Africa

Me and a couple of my lady friends are touring South Africa next January. Our plan so far is to fly to Cape town and to stay there for 6 days then head to Durban for 4 days and then to Johannesburg/Pretoria for 4 days. We would like to see something more than just mass tourist attractions and some wild life too. Any suggestions? And does anyone know any decently priced hotels in Cape Town? And is there any extremely friendly medical doctor that would take me on a tour to a hospital? (I am graduating to be one next march and have thought about a possibility of working there). Thank you so very much for anwers already.
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Jul 21st, 1997, 09:42 AM
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Try connecting to www.iafrica.com/travel. You will find some usefull links for southern africa.
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Jul 24th, 1997, 08:05 AM
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Hi! I am doing a similar trip to South Africa and Zimbabwee in September. Contact the South African Tourist Board here in New York City. They will send you a ton of free information including maps,safari companies,hotels,ect..Just call Information for New York(1-212-555-1212) and get the phone number. They are really nice and quick! Keep this site posted and if I get more info I will pass it along and when I get back i'll get back to you.
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