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Jul 9th, 2004, 03:59 AM
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Ephesus Ceramic Factory -POOR

During our recent visit to Selcuk, Turkey, we visited the Ephesus Ceramic Factory and purchased a 41 cm., hand painted plate as a gift for your daughter. The negociated cost of plate was $100 USD.

After establishing the cost, a man introduced to us as the manager, started to wrap the plate. As we had purchased another plate in Cappadocia and liked the manner in which it had been wrapped, I suggested how I would like the item prepared for the trip. The manger interrupted, and advised that he had wrapped many, many plates and ?Guaranteed that if he wrapped the plate, it would arrive safely?. On return to the U.S. the plate was broken in several pieces.

After returning home, I contacted the Ephesus Ceramic Factory, and advised that the plate had been broken and requested a replacement for the plate. Their response was to quote me the original price for the plate ($100 USD) plus a shipping cost $100 USD) for a total of $200 USD. I emailed them that I wanted to be fair and offered the original price for the plate of $100.00. Their response was that the plate was priced at $200.00 plus shipping!!!!

I would suggest to anyone looking for ceramic ware in the Selcuk area to avoid Ephesus Ceramic Factory. Obviously, their ?Guarantee Save Arrival? is absolutely worthless. Additionally, their packing methods and the materials used for packing are grossly inadequate as judged by the save arrival of our plate from Cappadocia, which was packed right beside the Selcuk Plate -- it arrived perfectly safely!

The Ephesus Ceramic Factory?s 'Guarantee Save Arrival' certainly doesn't amount Zip!

For those interested, send me an email and I will describe how the Cappadocia Plate was very successfully packed for shipment.

Jim Chambers
[email protected]

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