English method (softs) in Israel


Jun 16th, 1998, 11:03 AM
Eva C.R.Avellar Dal Molin
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English method (softs) in Israel

I coordinate the English Language Center at the Federal university of Parana. I am a professor at this University where I teach the English language. I have heard there are excellents softs for TESL in Israel. Where could I go and search for this, in case they are good I could ask our LANGUAGE CENTER to buy the method, or part of it.
I would also like to know about romantic trips I could take in Israel.
What is the best way to be dressed. In Brazil we usually wear jeans and T-shirt. That isthe way I feel comfortable. Is that Okay in Israel?
Eva DalMolin
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Jun 17th, 1998, 09:25 PM
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Eva: T-shirt & jeans are absolutely fine! I think that trips around Jerusalem will be of interest to you. Check out previous several postings in this very forum and you'll retrieve abundant information and suggestions. I am willing to help you about the "English softs", but I don't understand what you mean by that. If you wish, e-mal me and I can make a few calls and ask.
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