elope in Maritius or Kenya safari?


Mar 31st, 2006, 12:53 PM
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elope in Maritius or Kenya safari?

Hi everyone - my boyfriend and I are considering eloping this Christmas to either Kenya -- for a safari (seeing the animals is a very big deal to me) -- or Mauritius (which I have always heard is just perfect for a honeymoon, and I adore beaches and islands and the whole tropical thing). Any thoughts on how to decide between the two? Does your answer change if we make this trip in June/July 2007 instead of December 2006? I have a friend from Mauritius and he recommends renting a small house rather than staying in a hotel, b/c the hotels are so expensive, he says. I am concerned that w/o a hotel, it will be much more complciated to set up for and meet any marriage license/wedding logistics matters. I know lots of hotels handle all that stuff for their guests. There will not be any guests for our wedding -- just my boyfriend and me. Thanks for any insight y'all can give!
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