Elephant Plains


Sep 19th, 2002, 08:04 AM
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Elephant Plains

During my research, I have come across "Elephant Plains", a lodge in the Sabi private reserve next to Kruger. The price seems much lower than other lodges, and while I'm sure there is a lower standard of lodging and food (which, frankly, I'm not interested in), can anyone advise on the game viewing -- since the animals are free to move I would expect that game viewing can be just as good at a less expensive lodge (ie, Elephant Plains) than more expensive lodges. Thanks
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Sep 19th, 2002, 03:01 PM
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I really don't know anything specific about this lodge but I can tell you this about accomodation in South Africa - however it is rated, you can add a plus. 4 star would be 4 star plus, 5 star - 5 star plus etc. South Africans put on a good show to everyone with their game parks. I just got back from another - Kapama - which is in the same neighbourhood and I cannot say enough good things about our experience there. In S.A. the guides, spotters, accommodation etc attached to the game farms are all certified and very knowledgeable. There is a constant, if unconscious, competition of sorts to be the best and I can honestly say that in all the travelling I have under my belt and it is a lot, accommodation in this country generally far exceeds that of any other country I have travelled in. This lodge's prices ARE good and I am going to be looking at them for our tours. It may be that they give less but it is just as likely that it is smart marketing where 'less is more' is the object. The private farms here usually go out of their way to take you as close to the wildlife as possible which often means going off road and following the advice of their spotters (trackers) so in that respect, you stand a much better chance of seeing the more illusive wildlife than you might at the more public ones where you are restricted to the roads. I would be very surprised to find it less than any of the others. I hope you get some info from people with first hand knowledge but my advice would be to try it. Or try it for a few days and book something else to follow it up. Actually, my personal preference is to do more than one gamefarm anyway as the experiences are usually quite different but equally as exciting, fun and informative. I see on their site that they have African wild dogs which are really a very rare sighting as they are very endangered so this would be a plus over some of the farms which do not have any. No matter where you end up going, do take advantage of the morning and evening drives as they can be very very different experiences as far as wildlife sitings are concerned. Whereever you end up, Have a great holiday.
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