Eilat to Petra - bus, taxi, or ???


Dec 4th, 1999, 08:58 AM
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Eilat to Petra - bus, taxi, or ???

Would appreciate any info on best way to get from Eilat to Petra. We'll have a rental car in Israel but understand it cannot be driven into Jordan. Are there buses from Aqaba to Petra? Rental cars available? Any info will help. We would like to avoid a "tour." Please email author.
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Dec 4th, 1999, 08:07 PM
Bob Walker
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We visited Petra this past February. We had rented a car in Jerusalem and driven to Eilat where we stayed for a couple of days. Before leaving Jerusalem we arranged a one day bus trip/tour to Petra. You could almost certainly do this from any hotel in Eilat. When we crossed the border there wasn't a taxi in sight and I don't recall any busses being available to Aqaba. Petra is worth whatever trouble it takes to get there. If we did it again, we would stay for 2 days as it really deserves more than the few hours we spent there.
Email me if I can be of more help.
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Dec 5th, 1999, 07:57 PM
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Just got back 2 wks ago. We were staying in Eilat and drove drove our rental car to the border. Crossed the Border.....visa is $50 and there were many cabs waiting to take you to Aqaba..
...$4......and then another to Petra for $80 round trip. We found another couple to share the trip which halved our cost. The driver waited for us and we spent over 5 hours there. Get to the border by 6:15 AM before the tour buses and you will breeze right thru. The tour companies get $219 per person.
Entrance to Petra is $30. It was truly fantastic.
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