Egyptian tour with Tralfalgar


Jul 31st, 2000, 03:04 PM
jo ann w
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Egyptian tour with Tralfalgar

Going to Egypt the end of September with Trafalger tours. Has anyone used Trafalger if so, how did you like it? Are there any vaccinations or shots I should get. Did you feel safe. Is there anything special I should take. Do you know if it is very hot in late September. I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

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Aug 1st, 2000, 03:52 AM
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Jo Ann, I can not comment on Trafalgar company as we used Globus for arrangements for Israel/Egypt tour this past June. Suggest you take immodium and/or antibiotic prescribed by your doc. Seems most folks on our trip came down with case of "mummies curse". We watched what we drank and ate but... Depending on where you stay you may also want to take a roll of toliet paper. Many restrooms in Cairo (except those in better hotels) do not have paper. Even in the airport. But there will be a local handing it out and of course expecting a tip. Don't mean to be cheap but enough is enough. Definitely take a comfy hat. Generally we felt quite safe except in some of the bazars as the venders got to be a bit intimidating. But we were there when tourism was on the light side and stood out rather easily. Depending on temp you will also want to drink plenty of fluids. Such is readily available. But, if you purchase from street vendor make sure bottle is sealed. And in shopping don't be afraid to bargain. It seems to be expected and is usually built into the price. Heck, we even encountered the practice in gift shops of some of the nice hotels where we stayed. Maintain a sense of humor, smile and have a good time. Often, when I felt the price was still more than I wanted to pay as I prepared to leave the shop, stall, or stand the seller often came back with a better deal. Have a great time. As I looked over our photos last night I still could not believe we were actually in Egypt seeing all the sites. Have agreat time.
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