Egyptian Tour Companies


Sep 27th, 2000, 06:04 PM
Ryan James
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Egyptian Tour Companies

My friend and I are going to Egypt in December on frequent flyer tickets. We want to book a land tour now, so that we fit in everything. We will have two weeks +- a couple of days and then fly to Turkey. The rates from the Egyptian tour agencies are much better and comprehensive than what I have found elsewhere and they are willing to customize. Our local travel agent refused to do a land tour, because we want to go "Budget". He thinks we are bound to get bad rooms and get sick. We have been to Peru and China independently and feel we can handle it. Also he advised against trains and buses saying the security is not good and flying is the only way to go. Any comments or suggestions about the above?
Thanks for your help.
Ryan and Ron
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Sep 28th, 2000, 06:27 AM
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Pox on your travel agent! I am not near my info now but try and find Peace Travel in Cairo. They were wonderful getting me into/onto things I wanted for independent travel in Egypt. Also, Travel Plus in Giza. Madamme Magda a superior private guide for the day with Travel Plus. The thing about a guide for the day is that you can get into where you want fast! They (guides) know the secret agent way. Are you going for the rooms or the experience? Almost any room will do and as for getting sick-follow the rule! Don't eat anything that is not cooked or peeled by YOU. And, only drink from sealed bottles. There is water on every corner in 1/2 liter bottles. Security? This country is SO security adament knowing that touism is the only economic game in town! They provide a military escort on the roads where you need it when you hire a car to go to Alex from Cairo for example. I traveled, as an older single woman, all over the place. Good luck! it will be a fabulous vacation. And, remember, lo shucren (phonetically, no thank you), spoken firmly to the vendors.
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