Egyptian Pyramids to be demolished


Jul 12th, 2012, 12:49 PM
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Egyptian Pyramids to be demolished

By the same folks who did that to Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan.

"Amr bin al-As even destroyed the great Library of Alexandria, which was a hub of knowledge for the ancient world."

Now, the pyramids have been getting destroyed 100 years after they were built. First, for the lime stone covering them, then grave robbers stole all the gold and figurines and precious stones with which the pharoahs were buried.
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Jul 13th, 2012, 10:24 AM
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Not real sure what you were trying to say in your final paragraph, but rest easy that the Salafeen can think they will do all sorts of crazy things - the entire country is not inhabited by Salafeen and pretty much the Brotherhood even considers them a bit to the right..... not unlike the GOP and the Tea Party in some respects.
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Jul 23rd, 2012, 03:04 AM
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"Islamic Spring.
Several Islamic clerics called on Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammad Morsi to destroy the great pyramids and finish the work of Mohammad companion Sahabi Amr bin al-As.
AINA reported:

According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids–or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi’i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax. Most recently, Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs” and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi, to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.”

This is a reference to the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s companion, Amr bin al-As and his Arabian tribesmen, who invaded and conquered Egypt circa 641. Under al-As and subsequent Muslim rule, many Egyptian antiquities were destroyed as relics of infidelity. While most Western academics argue otherwise, according to early Muslim writers, the great Library of Alexandria itself–deemed a repository of pagan knowledge contradicting the Koran–was destroyed under bin al-As’s reign and in compliance with Caliph Omar’s command.

However, while book-burning was an easy activity in the 7th century, destroying the mountain-like pyramids and their guardian Sphinx was not–even if Egypt’s Medieval Mamluk rulers “de-nosed” the latter during target practice (though popular legend still attributes it to a Westerner, Napoleon).

Now, however, as Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sheikhs” observes, and thanks to modern technology, the pyramids can be destroyed. The only question left is whether the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt is “pious” enough–if he is willing to complete the Islamization process that started under the hands of Egypt’s first Islamic conqueror.

Nor is such a course of action implausible. History is laden with examples of Muslims destroying their own pre-Islamic heritage–starting with Islam’s prophet Muhammad himself, who destroyed Arabia’s Ka’ba temple, transforming it into a mosque.

In December the Salafist Party in Egypt, which just won 20 percent of the vote, wanted to cover the “idolatrous” Giza pyramids with wax.
Now they want to blow them up."
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Jul 24th, 2012, 05:06 AM
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tiny dancer and anyone that reads this nonsense - Please consider the source.
I have asked 3 of my most conservative Egyptologists to comment on this story, and I am starting to receive their answers, which I will post when I have all 3.
Meanwhile, I looked at the link at the bottom of tiny dancers post and see that some conservative named Jim Hoft wrote it. PLEASE Google his name and see more about him. He may as well be the Poster Child for White Conservative America. Check out this link - to learn more about him.

You must consider the source when you read this kind of propaganda.
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Jul 24th, 2012, 07:26 AM
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And when you read some comments.
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Jul 24th, 2012, 02:20 PM
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TD - don't believe everything you read - but read as much as you can and learn from it all if you can. Here is one of the sources that responded to your post -

This first email is from Samir. I have edited it to keep on point.
This article is a very annoying and the writer is not fair in stating his views.

Myself, I'm not in support of El Nour party and not member of the Muslim brotherhood and my choice for Morsi was a compromised choice, in other words I couldn't tolerate having a high official from Mubarak regime as a president. But on the other hand, I do respect the Muslim brotherhood much for their role in supporting the revolution and for their rule as a strong opposition for Mubarak when he was a great power, when they suffered from arrest, jail and their wealth being confiscated.

It's very interesting that myself, as an Egyptian Muslim living in Egypt, working in tourism, practicing Islam and I was part of the revolution, and I know lots of people representing different religious and political views. Among them are Salafi and Muslim brotherhood, and I never heard about their intention to cover or destroy any Ancient Egyptian heritage sites. If they really want to do so, I would know for sure. Very few of them have these crazy ideas, and its not discussed among them and they never acknowledged these ideas. They instead organized tours for leading members of the Muslim brotherhood and El Our Salaffi party to historical attractions, such as Giza Pyramids.

Islam respects different civilizations, and other cultures. A great number of Churches and Monasteries survived and flourished in Egypt in the last 1300 years. This is the best proof for that.

When Mohamed ordered the Idols around the Kaaba in Mecca to be destroyed, it was because Kaaba was a holy ground for the worship of God since Adam and Abraham, and erecting idols there was against the tradition and the purpose of erecting Kaaba. So it was a religious site overtaken by the idol worshipers and Mohamed decided to put it back to its original condition, which is completely different than temples and pyramids in Egypt.
(This is my insert - it sounds similar to the Old Testament story of Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai and seeing the Golden Calf. Everyone remember that one?)

Finally, every historian and traveler that visited Egypt in ancient times, stopped at the Ancient Library of Alexandria before exploring Egypt. Therefore it was common to mention the library and its facilities in their writings. Its not a coincidence, not one single historian or traveler mentioned the library in his books after the 5th century, simply because it didn't exist when they visited Egypt. It was already gone - 2 centuries before the Muslims came to Egypt.
I'll add another when I get them in.
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Jul 25th, 2012, 04:29 AM
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Another point I just can't help myself from adding here is about the Temples of Upper Egypt. How many of you have been in the ones that have had the ceiling completely blacked out by smoke, or the faces of Hathor removed by chisleing her face off? Who did this to the temples? The Christians. They came through and decided the pagon Egyptians were worshiping false gods and did all they could to remove any image of the false gods.

Just so you know, I don't want any of this history to go away either, but when you make up stories about how the Muslims are going to do something the Christians already got away with years ago, you better rethink your argument.
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Jul 25th, 2012, 09:30 AM
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I don't think Muslims destroying the Buddha Statues of Bamiyan is just a story. Nor was it done to restore some "holy ground" as you suggest was justification for destroying the idols of Mecca. If you think it unlikely (as I do) that Muslims would allow the pyramids or other ancient Egyptian sites to be destroyed, that's one thing. But to recount stories about what Christians have "gotten away with" is an odd way to argue that point.
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