Egyptian mosquitoes


Jun 30th, 2000, 04:58 AM
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Egyptian mosquitoes

One person (who, for reasons known only to her, went to Egypt in the hottest season) said the mosquitoes nearly drove them nuts. They needed mosquito netting to sleep in their hotel (the Meno).

We are going in November and we know it will still be up around 80 or more during the day in Cairo.

Has anyone been there at that time of year who can tell us how bad the mosquitoes are then? They really single me out and I want to be forewarned.

Another thing--I'm assuming the hotels and cruise ships have an ample supply of toilet paper and that it's only when you're away from them that it is not supplied free. Am I right? How much of a problem is this? My friend says we need to carry it with us.
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Jun 30th, 2000, 05:47 AM
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We went to Egypt last July and had no problems with any kind of bugs. We stayed at the Windsor in Cairo and in really budget hotels in Luxor and Aswan. We didn't have or need mosq. nets (we did have air cond, though). The only times we heard or saw results of mosq. was when we talked to young people who took the 2-3 day felucca trips down the Nile. They were all nearly eaten alive. We had planned to take a trip like that and it certainly changed our mind!

My druggist rec. that we take vitamin B-1 to repel mosq. We take just 1 (low dosage) vit at morning and night and it seems to work pretty well. We're in Texas and the mosq are really bad here.

Have fun in Egypt. Sandy
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Jul 3rd, 2000, 10:09 AM
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We just got back yesterday from two week trip to Israel/Egypt. No problem with mosquitoes. We stayed at Mena House. Yes, there were some mosquitoes around but as the sign said on patio door. Keep it closed. Yes, it was very hot but it was our choice to go at that time of year. This past Friday night we attended the sound and light show at the pyramids and I expected to see lots of bugs. None. Had a very nice breeze.
All of our hotels and the Nile River cruise boat has plenty of toilet paper. One does need to take some (from the rooms) with him/her while on trips as public rest rooms incluiding those in airport usually do not have paper. Locals will stand at entrance and give out paper and then expect a tip.
The flies were more of a nusiance than anything else. Especially at local shopping areas. When you see the sanitation involved it is not wonder.

Heat, bugs, and the like did not detract from trip. But take plenty of immodium along.
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Jul 19th, 2000, 07:45 AM
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i live in cairo.. my remark about anykind of bugs in the summer is keep yr windows locked and teh air condition on. it's must. yet i did not encounter mosquitoes in the summer yet.
regarding the toilet paper. i would strongly recommend that u carry a lot with u. in hotel rooms u will find plenty but otherwise don't count on it. also anywhere else (cafe, restaurants...)a women would be sitting in the toilet and has a roll and if she gives u some ahe'll ecspect a tip. also always carry a bottle of freezing water, u can't get enough of that when the temp is around 40c.
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