Egypt with kids


Feb 12th, 2001, 01:46 PM
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Egypt with kids

We are taking Globus tour mid-April with 10 and 14 year old kids. Any special advice about going with kids? Can kids ride camels?
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Feb 14th, 2001, 12:32 PM
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Gail, we were with Globus last June for Israel/Egypt with daughters 13 and 17. Yes, they had opportunities to ride camel and the 13 yr old opted to with her mother. She could have had one all to herself but doubled up and that is okay. Could have ridden at several places but guide had a group event and that seemed okay (kinda ride "around the block" but with excellent background of pyramid for nice picture. We were warned that although our guide would pay (including tip) for the ride we would be hit up for tip by camel owner/leader. The camel ride was an optional expense (around $5) and in my opinion well worth it. And, indeed, the young lad leading "our" camel continued to ask for a tip. Both our gals (and my wife) were very uncomfortable in the close market places due to agressive salesmen. Obviously, our young daughters (and certainly not in provocative attire) drew the attention of young men. There were other young travelers in the group but more in the 16 and 17 year age than younger. Those kids played cards, ping pong, etc on the crusie ship and some did enjoy the small pool on the upper deck. Guess a lot depends on interest of the children involved. It is still a great opportunity for a family to experience an interesting part of the world together. Just last nite we viewed tv program on mummies. Much was filmed at Cario Museum and the one daughter commented "hey we were there" and recalled numerous things we saw. It was hot in June, April should be somewhat cooler and that may make for more of an enjoyable outting. May want to have a few snack items available as although the food was okay in my opinion, often our daughters were less interested in menu. Be glad to share other thoughts and even in the hotel gift shops negotiating prices is almost a ritual. Smile, be polite etc and it can be a great experience.

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