Egypt videocamera checking question


Mar 19th, 2004, 04:41 PM
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Egypt videocamera checking question

Hi everyone!

I'm leaving on monday 3/21 and am SO excited for my trip! I'm considering bringing my digital camcorder- it's very small, not much bigger than a normal camera, and will easily fit in my small backpack. I read on the boards about making you check your video they actually search your bags and make you check it? Can I keep it in there and not pay a fee if I don't want to take pictures? I don't want to check it, and I don't want to get stuck paying $$$ at every site!

Also, do they charge you per camera (still ones?) or just per person? My friend is considering bringing 2 cameras- will he have to pay 2x?

Thanks everyone!
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Mar 19th, 2004, 06:46 PM
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Declaring the VDO at the airport is no hassle - the tour operator who pick you up will do it in a jiffy. They just note down the serial number but the funny thing is that they didn't bother to check me when I left the country.

At certain sites I paid the usage fees for both VDO and cameras. I think it's worth it to record the events and the fees are not usually very high. I carried two cameras(along with a digital VDO), a digital SLR and a compact digital and only had to pay one usage fee for camera.

Beware that a lot of tombs and sites will not permit you to use flash. Some places the guard take this very seriously and I saw one man being escorted to the tourist police for taking pictures inside King Tut's tomb.

Enjoy Egypt!
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Mar 20th, 2004, 04:51 AM
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I have to agree with Hanuman about the fact that the guards take picture taking very seriously. This is especially true at the Valley of the Kings & Queens in Luxor. You buy a "photo voucher" which is very inexpensive (less than a USD$1, maybe only $.50) and if the guards see you taking more photos then allowed, they may ask for your film, and most definitely escort you out.

Though we didn't have a video camera, we didn't see cameras being taken from tourists or needing to be checked, with the exception of the Tomb of Queen Nefretari where all cameras had to be checked before entering. This tomb had recently opened after major restoration, allowing only a minimum number of tourists per day and was certainly worth the extra fee to enter (USD$30 vs about USD$3 for other tombs). The details on the walls so amazing you would have thought they had been painted only the day before. Unfortunately, this tomb has since been closed.

Otherwise, the only limit was that the flash could not be used. But do check with your tour operator and definitely with your guide who will have more current information.

Enjoy your holiday.
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Mar 20th, 2004, 11:47 AM
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Thank you both for your help!! I think I should just take the chance and bring the videocamera- why have it if not to use it, right?

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