Egypt,Turkey exploring


Aug 2nd, 1997, 08:13 AM
john rush
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Egypt,Turkey exploring

I'm interested in touring Egypt, Turkey, and the Aegean on a " book as I go" basis. This will be our first time venturing out without the aid of a pre booked package. Could anyone tell me of their experiences and recommend local agencies? Would greatly appreciate any help.
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Aug 3rd, 1997, 03:43 AM
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It is easy to do an "as you go" tour but thought must be taken to ensure that you are not wasting time getting from one place to another. In Third world countries the infrastructure does not run as well or if at all like it does in the "civilized" countries. No problem may be the solution of the natives who are not on a time schedule, but may not get you from Abu Simbel to Cairo or to the Dolambache Palace in Istanbul. Also the natives eat like natives because they have to; in Egypt Mummy Tummy has a real chance of making you a modern Mummy if you are not careful!
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Aug 3rd, 1997, 12:03 PM
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Book as you go works really well in Turkey. Remember to drive a hard bargain on prices because they will always price things high. They expect you to bargain them down. Also, they love the American dollar very much due to the huge inflation rate on the Turkish lira. Turkey really is a wonderful place to visit.
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