Egypt/Jordan in Aug.


Jun 7th, 2005, 04:30 PM
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Egypt/Jordan in Aug.

Hello, first let me say yes I know we will be very very hot but we are going anyways. We were going to a African Safari but cannot due to bookins- so Egypt here we go!! What does anyone think of this:

Aug. 1- Day 1
Arrive Amman about 7pm so I think we will overnight in Amman

Aug. 2- Day 2
Transfer to Petra, want to stop at the Dead Sea on the way, am thinking about the Movenpick (expensive but supposed to be good because it is at the entrance)

Aug. 3- Day 3
Petra then drive back to Amman for 8pm flight to Cairo, arrive Cairo about 10pm go to hotel.

Aug. 4- Day 4
Cairo, pyramids, hotel in Cairo

Aug. 5- Cairo, take overnight sleeper train to Luxor or Aswan (my hubby loves trains)

Aug. 6-10 Nile Cruise with day trip to Abu Simble, have to probably fly back to Cairo on the 10th because our flight to Athens leaves at 345am.

Any suggestions about hotels/cruise ships? I think we are going to go through Egypt Highlighs, but I want to make sure we get good hotels and ship. We are going through their Golden Egypt site- I guess it is a little more lux, better hotels/ship with site fees paid and Egyptologist guides. I want to do a camel sunset ride to the Pyramids also.

We are history buffs and I am a photographer so we are really interested in seeing a lot, our relaxation time will be in Athens.

Also, is it better to start in Luxor or in Aswan for the cruise. We havent seen each other in 4mths and it will be another 4 after the trip before we are together again- I think we will go to Trans Sib. Railway- but thats for another time.

Any help/suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks, Cari
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Jun 7th, 2005, 04:32 PM
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Sorry this was supposed to be in the Egypt section. C
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