Mar 15th, 2001, 12:15 PM
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Taking a 10 day tour in May. Flying Egyptair,staying at Gezirah Sheraton in Cairo, and taking a four day Nile Cruise. Hows the weather, what do YOU suggest I bring to wear. How do I bargain? Lots of questions but first time traveling other than in US and Europe. Thanks for anyones help.
Mar 16th, 2001, 01:51 AM
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We are going 4/13-23 - similar itinerary. Feel free to keep my email address and ask me questions directly after we return.
Mar 16th, 2001, 08:17 AM
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We were there last June on a Globus Tour. Had a great time. Our guide Nagla advised us on the bargaining. I was surprised that even in the hotel gift shops we could bargain. In fact, it seemed to be a way of life. Decide on the price you are willing to pay and certainly start lower. If seller doesn't come down, one can always walk away and often the seller will make one last pitch. One day the vendors on small canoes coming alongside the tour boat provided for a great lesson in commercial trade. There we were on the top deck of the tour boat before going into locks towards end of the cruise. Fellows were selling tapistry (in plastic bags). They would throw them up to us for our inspection. Then, with a can or in the bag of item not desired payment could be pitched back to them. It was great! Few tosses resulted in packet going into the water and the trust those men placed in us not keeping merchandise! Fellow traveler next to me negotiated price for his piece and as that seemed reasonable to us we bought one as well.

Early in our tour I felt somewhat guilty as to attempting to talk down a price until it dawned on me the profit margin built into the sytem. At the Sultan's palace in Cairo before we boarded the bus, one tour member was quick to pay (If I recall) $4 for a sand filled camel. Once we were on the bus, the same vendor was very willing to pass more through the window via the driver for $2 each. The same situation applied to post cards. We often bought the packet sets but never for the initial price. Often I would seek out the younger sellers maybe due to my days "hawking" soda at local fair. Your tour guide should be able to tell you. Ours also mentioned places where we would get better prices and for the most part she was right.Weather in late June was very warm. I will be glad to attempt to answer other questions. Suggest you take immodium-type medicine and toliet paper (often restrooms except in hotels will not have paper other than that distriubted by person at the door and tip will be expected).Suggest you use my e-mail address. Have a great trip. Dick
Mar 16th, 2001, 10:58 AM
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what tour group and date? i am doign a globus tour end of may. same tour??
Mar 16th, 2001, 01:44 PM
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we just got back on Wed. from Egypt. Spent three days after a Kenya Safari trip. Was in Egypt in Jan. for two weeks. Bargain, bargain is the name of the game. Stayed at Sheraton in Luxor and had a seven day Nile cruise in Jan. Any help I can be, let me know. Will be warm but dry. Cool clothing is needed. Start below what you will expect to pay, and go from that for the bargaining. You will have to buy water while on the Nile. Can get large bottles for about 80-$1.00. The boats charge about $1.75, so everyone makes a water trip every couple of days. Please contact me if I can be of any help. If you are thinking jewelry, gold I got some nice pieces as well as silver. Cartochs will be less in Luxor then in Cairo if you get to both cities. Silver ones are great as gifts rather then T-shirts. They also do silver with gold caracters. I found that the boat jewelry shop was quite a bit higher then in town. What you will have to make sure of on the boat is that they do not add 4-6 percent on your charge card. We found that out with our boat, they put that on top of purchase. If you do shop in jewelry shop on the boat, be sure and ask question, before finding out when you get home. Shopping is fun, but can get you down with the bargaining. Bring ball point pens with you, everyone will be asking for them. Crazy - we had them for motels, casinos even a funeral home, just bring them and hand them out. I also always travel with a lot of single wrapped candy, can give to the kids. We didn't see any begging, but the kids are always asking for something. As the other posting said, they will throw from the row boats to you. What I liked was that you could try on what they threw up and didn't have to guess at the sizes. We had two boats to bargain with, then a third came over and he had some things that we were interested with as well. Hope you have as much enjoyment from Egypt as we did. The jewelry shop was very surprised when I showed up six weeks later, told him I was coming back, but didn't believe me. The trip in Jan we did Israel for a week and Egypt for two. This time safari in Kenya, 8 day cruise of Saychelle Islands and ended in Luxor again. Will be happy to chat with you if you have questions. Fran

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