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Bazal Apr 5th, 2017 10:34 AM

Egypt: Hotel Suggestions - Sharm El Sheikh/Diving/Nile Cruise Help

So – my family and I are possibly planning a trip to Egypt – I am NOT sure when exactly. The idea is to visit Cairo + Pyramids, then a POSSIBLE Nile Cruise then Sharm El Sheikh. Now I understand Sharm's weather is hotter than Cairo.

Personally I thought maybe April/May – but then I was told the weather can be upwards of 40C++ in Sharm. BUT that doesn't necessary reflect sea temperatures – since we're coming out of the Winter months. So… considering Summer is super hot… now I'm thinking October – the sea temperatures should be warmer coming out of Summer. My mother was in Sharm in December – she said the weather was nice but the water temperatures were cold. YES I know wetsuits –but I was freezing in Cozumel in March in a 3 mm wetsuit.

US: Me 32, Brother 28 and Mother 60

Purpose: Relaxing, water sports… snorkeling and SCUBA (for me alone!! I heard Ras Mohammed and Shark Reef are amazing!!!)… maybe shopping, looking around etc

So – my questions (finally) are:

1- Ideally – what are the best TWO months to be in Sharm if we're big water people?

2- DIVING - I hear there's bare bones crew currently in Egypt - most resorts go out once or so a week - nothing guaranteed. Someone suggested see question #3 to stay close to Naama bay. If I wanted to dive 5+ days how do I tackle this diving dilemma? Perhaps stay close to a giant vendor... but that might limit my AI (all inclusive hotels) option.

3- Any suggestions on Hotels? I'm looking for an AI. MUST: Swimmable Beach. Ideally: Has occasional night shows, close to places to vist etc. I prefer one close to activities or have something on grounds… and hopefully diver friendly (see question 2) – as in not to far from the dive sites or has a dive shop either in the AI or close to it. I understand ideally the place needs to be close to Naama Bay - but I can't find any good AI. I was falling in love with Rixus Hotel - but that's a 20 min drive. There's Hilton but the beach looks meeeehhh and the food I heard is bad.

4- Are Nile cruises worth the price/time? How much approximately do they go for. Any recommendations on which ones to take?

5- I don't mind booking locally but how can I tell who's reputable or not? Word of mouth or are there websites that help with this?

Any additional thoughts/advice is appreciated!!


PS. If there are any helpful sites are appreciated - I posted this on another famous travel forum but it looks like "Egypt" related topics are dead... too bad

cordeliajc May 6th, 2017 09:13 PM

I was in Egypt for about 3 weeks in Feb-March with a group. I was in Sharm for 3 nights at the Renaissance Golden View Hotel. I was satisfied with the hotel, but the rooms were quite far from the lobby and dining room. Golf carts were available to get to and from the rooms.

I suggest that you check Trip Advisor for suggestions re: hotels. I am not a diver so cannot comment on that topic.

I would definitely recommend a trip on the Nile. I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I also enjoyed the trip to the desert from Siwa. I went to the Valley of the Whales and the nearby waterfall.

There are not many tourists in Egypt these days, so it is a good time to go, compared to before the Arab Spring.

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