Egypt & Israel Trip


Jul 5th, 2000, 11:32 AM
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Egypt & Israel Trip

Going to Israel & Egypt beginning November with Trafalgar tours. Anyone used Trafalgar? Please comment about them. Going on the 4 day cruise down the Nile & wonder about the accommodations on the ship. What are the outstanding sights not to be missed. Any foods (& obviously Water) to stay away from. This is new to me and would appreciate your input. Thanx!
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Jul 5th, 2000, 03:30 PM
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We just got back from trip to Egypt which included Nile Cruise. Used Globus for overall plan but they work thru Misr Travel in Egypt. Accommodations probably vary from boat to boat. Ours had two beds in cabin as well as two bath rooms (shower stall). All was very nice. Lounge was nice as well as restaurant. We drank mostly bottled water while in Egypt. Got it from tour bus driver as well as from boat. Food was fine except we shied away from salads and fruits unless we could wash/peel. Boat was relatively quiet and clean. Bear in mind we were there in late June when tourist trade is on the low side from what I understand. Things may be a bit busier when main season hits. I liked the way the boat captain would steer the boat favoring one side of the river for awhile and then the other. Maybe had to do with location of main channel but in any case gave close view. All our travel was in daylight and it was very enjoyable to lounge on top deck and take in the view. We had some laundry done by the crew and the prices were better than those of the hotels we stayed at. Back to the water. Drink only the bottled variety and make sure bottles are sealed when you purchase. Should be no problem on the boat but watch the street venders. We used bottled water even for brushing teeth. And, be sure to take toliet paper (yes, from the hotel/boat) when you go touring as most rest rooms (even at the airport) will not have such. But, someone will be there to sell it to you. In shopping (even in the hotel shops) do not be afraid to bargain. It can be done in a friendly way. Our tour director provided a few tips and it was enjoyable. In most cases, both parties will come away satisfied. Sorry to drag on but I am still kinda "pumped up" from the trip. Prepare yourself however, for culture shock. Much of Egypt is economically deprived and while one is enjoying some of the man-makde wonders of the ancient world, just a few hundred yards away, major garbage dumps and slumps exist. With some much poverty in the area it is no wonder so many persons are engaged in selling all sorts of stuff to travelers. But, have a great trip!
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