egypt air business class worth it?


Sep 5th, 2003, 04:37 PM
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egypt air business class worth it?

did anybody fly business class on egypt air lately on a long haul trip? any comments about seats/space/food/service are appreciated. thanks! e.
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Sep 6th, 2003, 03:03 AM
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We flew EgyptAir coach from JFK to Cairo RT plus 4 internal Egypt flights. Although 12 hours on a plane about made me go crazy, it was not because of flying coach. The plane was only about 1/2 full and flight attendants made it clear that THEY would rearrange people's seating, not like on most US domestic flights were peole move on their own. By doing this, everyone managed to get spread out and everyone had more than one seat.

If the plane were full, business class might have been worth it, but I am wondering how many people are flying EgyptAir these days.

Planes were seemingly very new 777s, complete with "cockpit cam" - they turned it on so you could see runway approaching and land disappearing on take-off. A little creepy but my husband and teenage kids loved it.

Food was a little funky. On the way back to US we were served something that looked like a US Thanksgiving dinner - but it had some odd curry-like spicing to it. An interesting note was that on boarding in NY, passengers were offered carry-on holder with 2 half-bottles of wine, white and red, since no alcohol was served on plane. Same was not offered on return flight.

Service was efficient - even overly so. Flight attendants were male, with one female. Dressed in uniform jackets - even after 12 hours they looked like they had just been pressed. Up and down the aisles, they offered tea first, then coffee. Do not be sleeping or indecisive, or you miss your turn! All spoke several languages and seemed to have an uncanny ability to select proper languange for each passenger. (not just Arabic or English, but several European languanges as well)

Sorry for my wordiness and I never was really able to answer your question!
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Sep 8th, 2003, 05:02 PM
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thanks for the information. if i knew, that i am as lucky as you were and the flight is only half full, i would be glad to fly cattle class, too. but i have to fly on the weekend...
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