Edrine or Trabzon


Oct 25th, 1997, 09:23 AM
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Edrine or Trabzon

I will have a few days to kill in Turkey. So I am thinking whether to head west to Edrine or to go east to Trabzon.
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Nov 6th, 1997, 01:05 AM
George Holt
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Edirne was once capital of the Ottoman empire in the period before the fall of Constantinople. It has many buildings built by Sinan, one of the greatest Ottoman architects, who also built the Sulimaniye in Istanbul. I understand the area around Trabzon is very nice. Myself I only visited Trabzon as the start of a coach tour down the eastern borders, we arrived late one night and left early the next morning, so I can't judge. In late October / early September it rained quite hard. It took us most of the day to fly to Trabzon from Istanbul via Ankara. You may be able to get there more directly but if not Trabzon might prove a touch remote if you only have a couple of days to kill. I imagine it would quite pleasant to travel to Trabzon by boat along the Black Sea coast but I wonder about the time it would take. Just curious but why did Edirne and Trabzon spring to mind?
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Nov 9th, 1997, 11:47 AM
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Choosing between the two, I personally would pick Trabzon. The Sumela Monastery, which is nearby, is absolutely incredible, and one of the highlights of my stay in Turkey (and I stayed a year). The scenery on the road to the monastery is breathtaking as well.
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