East vs. Southern Africa


May 28th, 2005, 04:59 PM
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East vs. Southern Africa

I'd like to hear some comments on why some choose one over the other? I can't decide between a Kenya/Tanzinia safari vs. Botswana/Zambia. I'd like to find out what people think about the weather, the wildlife, scenery, sites and general costs for semi-budget travelers.

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May 28th, 2005, 07:18 PM
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Kenya/Tanzania (this assumes you'd do them together)
-The variety and sheer numbers of animals seen for what you spend makes it the best value
-Can see a World Wonder--Ngorongoro Crater
-Experience the migration (if you go at the right time)
-Camel safaris possible
-Cultural interactions with Masai (and Samburu) are easy to do
-If you go a bit north in Kenya, it is possible to see different species of zebra, giraffe, and ostrich.
-Can see chimps
-Closer proximity to the gorillas for less travel time/expense to get there (if you were to go to Uganda/Rwanda)
-For a first safari, it is more typical and common than Southern Africa

-Not as secluded as parts of Southern Africa
-Fewer opportunities to walk, although they do exist
-Few water activities, boat safaris or canoeing
-Fewer night drive opportunities, although they do exist
-Open vehicles are less common,with pop-ups or similar being used instead for most places

-Adventure--walking, canoeing, boat safaris
-Remote, secluded
-Pretty good prices
-Can do elephant riding in Zimbabwe
-Night drives are status quo
-Cultural interactions--I know of 2 village stays, one in Zambia and one in Zimbabwe. Probably more
-Can see Victoria Falls, a World Wonder from both countries.

-On foot or by boat/canoe, you cannot get as close nor linger with wildlife. It is afraid of you but not fearful of vehicles.
-Good game, but not in the abundance of the Masai Mara, Serengeti, Botswana, or South Africa.

-Very secluded and beautiful luxury tented camps, not crowded at all. Or you can do a mobile camping safari to save $.
-Great game
-One of best places to see wild dogs (but they can be seen elsewhere)
-Can do several days of elephant safaris at Abu's (very expensive and I've never been there)
-A few places allow walking
-The Okavango delta, a World Heritage Site, which you can experience on boats or in mekoros--long narrow boats poled by expert polers.
-Many places offer night drives
-Can experience the Kalahari Desert with meerkats and San Bushmen

-Expensive, but mobile camping can cut the costs

For semi-budget I'd do Kenya/Tanzania or Zambia or a mobile camping safari in Botswana.
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