DUST...another camera question


Aug 24th, 2005, 12:36 PM
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DUST...another camera question

My fz5 came with a lens hood that attaches to the camera. GREAT! But now that I've put on my Tiffen UV lens the hood, although it is firrmly attaching it is NOT making a tight fit ang I can glimpse light reflecting off the lens below.

Please, I hope some one has a suggestion...we leave in a week. Wouldn't you just love to have my problems ;-D
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Aug 24th, 2005, 04:03 PM
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I use the FZ-20, not the FZ-5, so I can't speak to your issue directly. However I have a similar problem. On the FZ-20, the lens hood mounts on a plastic ring called a "Lens Hood Adapter." If I wish, I can also mount an "MC protector," which is similar to a UV filter, on that Lens Hood Adapter. However I can't mount both the hood and the filter on the lens hood adapter at the same time. It is a design flaw on Panasonic's part. A shame, but that's it -- at least on the FZ-20.

I solve the problem by just keeping the Lens Hood Adapter and the Lens Hood itself on the camera all the time. The surface of the lens is set so deeply within them that it would take a frontal blow with a deep object to hurt the lens. I have knocked the front of the camera against several things, and the impact is absorbed by the Lens Hood. Hope this helps.

(Perhaps this design flaw has been addressed in the successor to the FZ-20, the FZ-30? We'll see.)

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