Durban in June-August


Apr 5th, 2008, 08:10 PM
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Durban in June-August

I'm doing an internship in Durban this summer, and have SO many questions.
First, where to live? I'll be working just south of the CBD, in Albert Park. I've heard that area is suboptimal, so where can I live that's close enough but safer.Any good websites for finding rentals?
Second, what are the alternatives to renting a car all summer? I've heard it's hellaciously expensive. How is public transport? taxi service? Is ther a possibility of hiring a driver? If so, I'd much rather use the money to improve someone's life than to drive to and from work.
Third, I'd like to take my 6 y.o. daughter with me ... is that workable? And how in the world can I find child care for her for part of the time?
Fourth, is it the case that I should basically just plan to stay in after dark? Getting lots of divergent messages.
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Mar 19th, 2012, 07:10 AM
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Hi there
I live in Durban. You would need a car. I suggest buying a good 10 year old car and selling it again when you leave. You should be able to buy and sell for about the same price, so your summer with a car would not cost you anything. If you are willing to leave your child with a local child minder who stay in your house you will find it relatively cheap and easy to find. Daycare and schools might not work out so well since most would be closed for the 3 week June/July holiday.
I would not walk around after dark, but most of us drive around after dark and visit friends or restaurants or shopping centers. Also in winter it is dark around 5, so you will probably go home from work in the dark.
I do not know where Albert Park is. There are many rentals available, it might be harder for such a short time. Some B&Bs and guest houses offer reasonable rates for longer stays. For example the Durban Elephant.
It will be fun.
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