Driving times Kenya and Tanzania


Oct 28th, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Driving times Kenya and Tanzania

We're currently making final decisions about an all-drive trip circling the 'great reserves' of Kenya and Tanzania.

I know weather (we're going in 2 weeks, short rain season) and such make it hard to say, but anyone with Driving distances/times on the route would be MOST welcome (or a website/source)

Nairobi-Amboseli (Tortilis camp)
Amboseli-Tanangire (Treetops)
Tanrangire-Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge)
Ngorongoro-Serengeti (Serena Lodge)
THE TOUGH ONE>>Serngeti-Isbenia border crossing-Masa Mara
Masa Mara-Nairobi

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Oct 29th, 2004, 03:23 PM
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I would seriously reconsider your thinking about driving. I have been to Kenya six times and I too had been thinking about it and contacted a gentleman who has been many, many times and drives. However, he takes GPS with him and a satellite phone, and he knows where he is going, but still gets lost.

Kenya has a very poor road system. Not only are they very bumpy roads but they can also be extremely muddy. You look at the mud on top and it looks dried up and you think you can drive through, but you get totally mired from the thick mud beneath the dried stuff. You can often have TWO flat tires from driving over sharp objects. Even in the cities there are no road signs pointing you in the right direction. Some of the roads are just paths and you won't know if they are leading you where you want to go.

If you have a breakdown or flat it might put you in an extremely dangerous position. Twice I have been in vehicles that had a problem. Once the fuel line got plugged and I had to stand watch for lions while the driver tried to fix it. In August our Landrover broke down - wouldn't shift at all and we had to wait in the dark in the middle of lion country for someone to come and tow us back to camp.

There are very few gas stations along the way.

Then you also have to deal with the crazy Kenyan drivers. I always thought Boston had the worst drivers, but they are not bad at all compared to Kenyans, particularly the matatu drivers who drive very erratically. If you read the Daily Nation or East African Standard online you will often see traffic accidents with 30 people killed and it is usually matatus involved.

I think you would be much safer off hiring a driver and vehicle from a safari company or flying from camp to camp. Better get there safe and rested to be able to enjoy your stay.

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