Driving route from Cape Town airport?


Jun 7th, 2005, 08:09 AM
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Driving route from Cape Town airport?

I am looking for the best driving route from Capte Town airport to Boulders Beach (Simons Town). For me, the “best” route is the one that is safest and easiest to follow, and not necessarily the shortest or fastest.

I will arrive at Cape Town airport late in the afternoon (about 4.30pm) on a Saturday and will be renting a car at the airport. I have a fairly good map of the Western Cape, but this will be my first visit to South Africa.
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Jun 7th, 2005, 09:04 PM
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I'm sure that you will be fine as it will be daylight. I would imagine the N2 freeway and then the road south towards the Southern Suburbs and Muizenberg-its either De Waal Drive or Jan Smuts Drive-I forgot which. Sorry.
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Jun 9th, 2005, 11:31 AM
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My husband and I arrived in Cape Town in October and drove to Simons Town and found the route very easy, even though we were on the wrong side of the road for us. The N2 freeway is very clearly marked and the road signs showing the route to the next suburb are excellent. Just check your map for the the next suburb coming up. By the way, if you are staying at Boulders Beach Guest House, you will love it.
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Jun 9th, 2005, 02:53 PM
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I suggest that you print these directions and use them as you travel.

The best way to travel to Boulders from the airport would be as follows:

Leave the airport and move onto the N2 taking the Cape Town turnoff which takes you in a right handed direction

Pass the 2 Athlone coal fired power station cooling towers on your right. If you dont see these towers after about 4 mnutes after leaving the airport then you should know that you are on the wrong road which I might add is very unlikely.

Travel for about 5 km after the Athlone Towers until you see a sign saying Hospital on your left. DO NOT take this turnoff. The next turn off to the left saying Muizenberg or M3 is the turnoff that you want to take.

Once you have got onto the M3 you will see that you pass the folowing markers:

A working windmill on your left hand side.

The University of Cape Town on your right hand side.

A forest on your right which eventually brings you out at a set of trafic lights. There is a turnoff to the right at this light thats reads Kirstenbosch. Ignore it and keep going straight continuosly driving in the direction of Muizenberg. This is the magic name to follow on this route. MUIZENBERG

Stay on your right ALL THE WAY without turning off anywhere until my directions tell you differently.

After the pedestrian light go downhill till you pass another set of lights whereafter you will start climbing up what is known as Edinburgh Drive. Pass another set of lights and climb even further to the top of the long hill. At the top there is another set of lights.

Soon after passing the last lights you will find a slight right hand bend in the road and if you look to the left of you (on a clear day) you will see the waters of False Bay. Travel on and start going downhill into the Constantia valley. At this point you will have done about 30 km of travel in total.

Keep driving right up to the end of the M3 highway. You will amongst others see a huge shopping centre on your left called the Blue Route shopping mall. It is easy to identify because of its blue roof.

At the end of the M3 ou will be taking the left hand turnoff to Muizenberg.

About 400 yaerds after the turnoff you will arrive at a set of lights. Here you turn right once again following the Muizenberg signs.

Keep travelling for about 15 km on what is a village type main road until you reach Muizenberg.

From hereonwards you will be driving on a road that is continuously flanked by the sea on your left hand side.

Travel through Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek.

At the end of the main road in Fish Hoek you will arrive at a circle. Veer left and take the turnoff to Simomstown.

Drive for about 10 Km until you reach Simonstown. Drive through the town.

Pass a big white church on your left hand side. Therafter pass the naval dockard on your left (see all the barbed wire fencing to identify this area.) Then you will see the sea on your left and a school on your right hand side on a hill. You will see a sign saying Boulders - DO NOT take this turnoff. Keep travelling straight for about 1Km. You will then arrive at a road that turns to the left and flanks a golf course on its right. This raod is the turnoff to Boulders baeach and is about 300 yards long.

All in all you should travel about 70 Km and I reckon on a Saturday at about 16h30 the ride should take you about 50 minutes.

Last tip: Obtain a map from your car hire company and let them mark the above journey for you on the map.

Hope this helps.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

Take the left hanbd turn
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Jun 9th, 2005, 03:46 PM
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Thanks for taking the time to post the excellent and careful directions, Selwyn. I have printed them off and will follow them closely. I do have a decent map (Globetrotter, 1:9500), but the best route isnt obvious (and your details about landmarks are great). Cheers,

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Jun 9th, 2005, 03:47 PM
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(And KathT - yes, I will be staying at the Boulders Beach Guest House!)
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