Driving Distances - Kenya & Tanzania


Aug 7th, 2005, 10:55 AM
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Driving Distances - Kenya & Tanzania

Doing some housekeeping - cleaning our old storage and came across this thread I posted almost 2-years ago. With many new safari goers coming to Fodor's for information, I thought this would be useful when planning drive only safaris, or opting flying for the longer distances.

These distances were actually taken from the odometer readings of our vehicles - though kilometer reading, I've converted to miles - when reaching our destinations. So here goes:

NBO/Amboseli - 150-mi, SE *
NBO/Samburu - 220-mi, N *
NBO/Ol Pejeta - 150-mi, N
NBO/Mt.Kenya Safari Club - 140-mi, N
NBO/Aberdare - 110-mi, N
Ol Pejeta/Samburu - 70-mi, N
Samburu/Mt.Kenya SC - 100-mi, S
NBO/MasaiMara - 210-mi, SW *
NBO/Lake Naivasha - 60-mi, NW
NBO/Lake Nakuru - 100-mi, NW
Mt.Kenya SC/Ol Pejeta - 10-mi
Mt.Kenya SC/Aberdare - 30-mi

NBO/Namanga(Tanz)Border - 105-mi, S
Namanga/Arusha - 75-mi, S
Arusha/Lake Manyara turnoff - 75-mi, S
To Tarangire, 25-mi, S
To Lake Manyara - 25-mi, W
LM/Ngorongoro Crater - 75-mi, W
NC/Serengeti (Grumeti Area) - 155-mi, NW *
Grumeti/Lake Manyara - 195-mi, SE *
LM/Arusha - 100-mi, NE

* depending on where your lodges or camps are located in/near any of these parks, the mileage will either increase or decrease, accordingly.

Do Not figure amount of time (in hours) to cover these distances based on well-paved highway travel, rather, some roads are paved black-top, others combined with dirt roads and still others only dirt and even rutted roads - in most instances you can figure worst case, double the time. And that doesn't take into consideration stopping along the way to take photos, game viewing, potty calls.

Hope this helps.
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Aug 7th, 2005, 03:54 PM
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That's something I've been wanting to know. Right off the odometer! Thanks!
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Aug 8th, 2005, 11:24 AM
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Thanks so much for the great info!
I've already printed it out for good reference.
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