Jan 6th, 1999, 08:13 AM
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I will be traveling to Morocco in May and plan to dress very conservatively, but I would appreciate any advice. Also, is it recommended for women to wear a scarf over their heads when entering certain places? I want to be prepared and have my own if so.
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Jan 13th, 1999, 05:03 PM
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I was just in Morocco in December, and had the same concerns as you. I did not need to cover my head at any time, even though I was prepared to. Since it was cold, I was well covered. THe locals do respect you more if you are well dressed. Also, I traveled all over the world, and found that Morocco was the place where women are hassled the most by men. Don't go out alone or at night. You will be hassled. Have a great time.
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Jan 15th, 1999, 12:09 PM
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I hope this makes it to you: 3 women spent 2 week in Morocco, travelling by train, all over the country. We stuck to loose pants (think dark green Dockers not bright pink leotards), elbow-length or long-sleeved tops, and full cotton skirts (broomsticks worked great). Unless you are Moslem, you can't enter mosques, so head covering for respectful reasons isn't an issue. We two long-haired blonde girls found we fared better if we kept our hair either tied back or covered with a hat (flowing blonde hair is a rarity, and caused stares). We had NO trouble with men hassling us; in fact, we were treated with respect (and awe, in some cases). We also hired official guides when we visited the medinas in Fes and Marrakesh (they charge about $25 a DAY) which I think prevented problems and also gave us a lot of info we would never have gotten anywhere else (the guides also know places to visit that, on your own, you'd miss - like the medina's bread BAKER (you thought YOUR job was tough). We stayed away from disreputable areas; if we wanted to go out and drink beer, we kept to hotel bars or places where women were sitting (women do NOT frequent bars like in Europe or the Americas). We had a wonderful time and would return in a heartbeat (we even rode camels into the Sahara; email me if you want the agency we used).
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Mar 20th, 1999, 04:54 PM
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I can confirm that a scarf was not necessary. Moroccans seem used to tourists and so Western dress is not a shock...however, you probably want to keep some degree of modesty in mind..i.e. no halter tops, tank tops, short shorts, etc.

That still leaves a lot of leeway. As it was on the chilly side, I primarily wore pants or a long skirt (except for one disco excursion in Casablanca when the short skirt came out) and 3/4 length sleeves or long sleeve shirts. However, I think I would have felt okay in short sleeve shirts or t-shirts that weren't skin tight, and knee length skirts. Also, bring a swimsuit--many hotels have pools.

My shoulder-length blonde hair was down, I think I got some minor comments but I tuned them out pretty well, avoided eye contact in the medina when possible.

Other safety notes: I took cabs at night with others and felt fine--but I would not recommend lots of walking around if only with a woman friend or two. One large group of women (5-7) still didn't feel safe walking to the hotel at night when they were pursued by a man on a motorbike. Other tips: two early afternoon runner women kept admirers at bay by doing random, insane-looking "ninja kicks" in the air to scare off any pursuers! Apparently, it worked--they were left totally alone!
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