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Dreaming: If money and time were no object what woud your dream Africa trip be?

Dreaming: If money and time were no object what woud your dream Africa trip be?

Dec 23rd, 2002, 01:52 PM
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I can speak only of Sub-Saharan Africa, but, after thirty-five years of fulfilling my dreams, even when I couldn't afford it, I'll mention some of my favorite places. Number One, by far, is the Ruckomechi Camp on the Zambesi River in Zimbabwe. You can go on game drives or walks, canoe, ride the pontoon boat, or fish for tiger fish in the Zambesi. September is a good month. Another great place is the country of Ethiopia, with history, scenery, and diverse people. You can make many plans on your own (as you can in Zimbabwe), but a company that I can recommend is Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris, owned and run by Susan and Nassos Roussos. Tanzania is a great country and, because I haven't been there in thirty years, I cannot personally recommend Zanzibar, which I have visited twice, but I remember it fondly and want to go again. Elsewhere, Tarangire is superb park, with varied terrain. Its only disadvantage is the plentiful tsetse fly. Last, I believe that South Africa is one of the great travel destinations on this planet and, if I couldn't live in the United States, I would live there. Its got everything in the way of recreation and it is a beautiful country, with a good infrastructure and a great future. There are many other appealing places in Africa, particularly in Botswana, but those I have named are at the top of my list. I have not addressed other questions that you have about length and such, but at least you can start your planning. P
May 23rd, 2003, 06:16 AM
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Topping this thread to catch some more dreams - this is just a text version of a native american dream catcher!

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May 23rd, 2003, 12:22 PM
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Thanks for topping. I just played this game in my head last night and I came up with something that would take me all the way from just after Memorial Day in the USA (the last Monday of each May) to right before the 4th of July. That way, my wife and I could be hams at our family get togethers and tell the world we are going to Africa, go for about 3.5 weeks and then return in all of our imagined glory in time for the next gathering on the 4th of July!

If this trip were to somehow take place next year for example,--what were those winning lottery numbers???--I believe the dates would be as follows:

Monday, May 31st (2004) - Memorial Day. "You guys are going WHERE and for HOW long???"

Sunday, June 06th - Rock N Roll Marathon, San Diego. Ran this race last year and was supposed to do it again this year but spent WAY too much time planning my trip and didn't put in the necessary training.

Monday, June 07th. Depart LAX - CPT

Tuesday, June 08th. Cape Town. 4 nights at the Cape Grace. Last year I did Mount Nelson and Table Bay and this year it will be The Twelve Apostles. Next time it will be the Cape Grace.

Saturday, June 12th. Cape Winelands. 2 nights at The Grande Roche or similar.

Monday, June 14th. CPT - Windhoek? Transfer to Etosha. 3 Nights at Ongava's new 6 paw accomodations.

Thursday, June 17th. Transfer to Skeleton Coast Camp. Two nights.

Saturday, June 19th. Transfer to Sossuvlei Wilderness Camp (Namibian Desert). Two nights.

Monday, June 21st. Transfer to Johannesburg. Three nights of city life at The Michelangelo Hotel.

Thursday, June 24th. JNB-Maun. Transfer. 3 nights at Kings Pool Camp.

Sunday, June 27th. Transfer to Jao Camp. 2 nights at Jao.

Tuesday, June 29th. Transfer to Mombo/Little Mombo. 3 night grand finale at Mombo!!!

Friday, July 02rd. Depart Maun-JNB-LAX.

Saturday, July 03rd. Arrive LAX!!!

I estimate that this trip would cost between $25,000 - $27,500 but would be worth every penny! I do think that I could do such a long trip as long as I took three nights to collect myself in Johannesburg prior to going to Botswana.

A trip like this, now that I have put it together, does not seem entirely far-fetched. If I could just get one more week off, this may be a strong possibility for 2005???

2004 belongs to my wife and we will likely go on a Trafalgar tour of Italy/Sicily with other members of my wife's family or something similar. We would leave a few days early so that I could have a few nights of luxury in Florence and Venice before we started the tour in Rome, making the Trafalgar type tour more tolerable.

A review of my itenerary:

Cape Town - Cape Grace (4)
Cape Winelands - Grande Roche (2)
Etosha, Namibia - Ongava (3)
Skeleton Coast, Namibia - SC Camp (2)
Sossuvlei, Namibia - Sossuvlei Camp (2)
Johannesburg - Michelangelo Hotel (3)
Linyati, Botswana - Kings Pool Camp (3)
Jao Reserve, Botswana - Jao Camp (2)
Moremi Reserve, Botswana - Mombo (3)

So...how did I do with my dream trip???
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May 23rd, 2003, 12:27 PM
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Oh, I forgot...if I booked it 6+ months ahead of time, I do think that I could qualify for a 10-20% discount off the rack rates of Wildnerness Safaris. That alone may account for a 15% discount off of possibly $16,000 in accomodations, or about a $2,500 discount.

Also, I doubt I will be paying for my air from LAX - Cape Town, and that would save me an additional $3,500 or so.

There is a slight possibility that I could get this trip done for under $20,000 out of pocket and an excellent possibility that I could get it done for under $22,000 out of pocket. That by far would be my most expensive vacation but this by far would also be the most incredible vacation that I have ever taken!
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May 23rd, 2003, 03:47 PM
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Kavey - where oh where does one start?

Africa, of course, starting in Egypt where you can't visit enough times and see it all - going north into the Delta, then out to the Western Desert and spend some weeks camping (though there is a marvelous luxury hotel out that way, built of dirt brick made the "old way", no electricity, but the finest linens, china and food) while wending our way back to Luxor and the Nile. From here we'll discover every temple, site, dig between Cairo and Luxor and then south to Sudan.

Can bypass Sudan except the northern part where there are still more pyramids.
Onto Ethiodpia - must see Axum, though a friend advised one have a fly swatter or one of the nets to cover the face. She never saw so many flies.
I'll take a pass on Somalia - just no interest.

Onto "my first love" Kenya, as they say you fall in love with your "first safari country", not that others aren't like another lover - just different, yes - "but it's your first that stays in your heart". Discovering more of Northern Kenya and West to Lake Victoria. I have already done the usual tourist routes here and
In Tanzania, where one must get to the Selous and to the coast for Dar-e-Salam and Zanzibar and other islands off the coast.
Onto Malawi and Mozambique.

Gotta see all of Zimbabwe - maybe by then Mugabe will be dead (everyone say a prayer), but even he can't take away from the history and beauty of the country.
Across to Zambia, area south of Lusaka to VFA.

There's still lots more to see in Botswana (only did Chobe) - the Delta which we had planned for this year, but had to cancel.
Then via the Caprivi into Namibia,(this magical land) and doing it all from North to South - this had also been planned (w/Botswana for this year.
Completing this Eastern Coast (some West) of Africa into South Africa - and again, seeing it all.

By now it'll have been about six-months, so time to get back to the States for a short spell - maybe a month.

Back on the plane to Morocco, and catch a caravan with Tuareg across the desert.
After this, and figuring out how, have got to get to Timbaktu (there's a Hilton and I believe a Sherton here) in Mali and onto to Burkino Faso and the capital Ouagadougou (love the way that name rolls off the tongue -"wa-ga-do-gu".)
Finally, Benin and Togo.

Sorry to say, but the middle of the continent's countries hold no interest for me.
Then back home for another "reality check" - So far, we've taken care of about nine-months total.

Off again, but this time to the Middle East. Having already visited Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Turkey I kind of see the entire area including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the Saudi peninsula as "one big dig" - stick a shovel in and out pops civilization, upon civilization and all that history. Sure I'd have to cover myself in some of these countries, but betcha it'll have a "designer" name attached to it. "Burka by Dulce & Gabana" - sounds good to me.
This should certainly take another six-months.

Buy now the girl needs some R&R - so I'd be off to The Seychelles - this trip I think I'll spend time on either Fregate or North Island and pamper myself till I couldn't stand being so clean - would really be missing those "squat" twoilets!!! - or the bushes!!!

Author Paul Theroux just finished his book "Dark Star Safari" - Overland from Cairo to Cape Town". I haven't ready it, didn't even know of it, till saw a review - and here I've been dreaming of it, and he did it just as in my fantasy, but I'd guess he didn't go luxury or first-class, (though might be wrong) or as much first-class you can get in some of these countries.

I just keep buying those Mega Lotto tickets, and maybe someday - well, it's a dream and I can always "dream" "that I had a house in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills"
Though I have a friend who took about six-weeks to drive from JNB thru Zim, Zam, Malawi, Mozam, Tanz to Dar. It was an easy drive - those Land Rovers are "just marvelous", and next time I'm going to be sitting there right beside him.

In the meantime, I do as the rest of you - a little piece at a time.
May 25th, 2003, 12:50 AM
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Thanks for sharing Rocco and Sandi - those trips sound great...

I saw a great dream trip article in a paper which featured a £1 million UK trip to Africa - I'll find it and copy it in for you to look at!
Kavey is online now  
Jun 9th, 2003, 01:10 AM
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This is the dream itinerary I cut and kept from the Daily Telegraph?s weekend travel supplement a few months ago ? my mum and dad, who have the paper delivered every day, keep the supplements aside for me and I collect a nice pile to read through when I visit.

I?m abbreviating hugely, of course, so you?re not getting the author?s reasons and descriptions:

First class to Cairo
Four Seasons Hotel
Private limo to see pyramids and sphinx
Cruise to Luxor in a suite on A&K?s Sunboat IV
Valley of Kings etc
Jet to East Africa
Gorillas in Uganda
Chimps in Mahali Mountains, Tanzania
The great migration
A stop at Cottar?s Camp
High class mobile safari
Ballooning over pink flamingoes
On to Namibia?s Skeleton Coast
Then tracking black rhino at the Palmweg Reserve in Damaraland
The Botswana (Mombo)
Next to Duba Plains Camp
Perhaps the Mana Canoe Trail from Mana Pools and/ or
Fishing at Mount Anderson near Kruger
Finish in Cape Town, staying at Ellerman House
Plus a second ?last? stop in the Seychelles.

The details panel shows the trip as a £1 million itinerary tailormade by Steppes Africa, which is the agent I?m using for my upcoming trip ? wish I could have given them a budget like that one!!!

Kavey is online now  
Jun 9th, 2003, 02:06 AM
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There is definitely a lot missing in that list.

I just got the latest issue of Travel Africa mag which has a top 50 things to do in Africa and asks for readers to also let them know what they think about the top 50 - what has been missed out or shouldnt be there - and how many they've already done.

It's not on their website yet but should be sometime soon - if not I'll copy here to share/ discuss, if anyone is interested.
Kavey is online now  

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