Dogonvalley and Niger boat trip


Aug 4th, 1999, 06:12 AM
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Dogonvalley and Niger boat trip

Has anyone been to the Dogonvalley recently and has some travel tips on the area? I am planning a trip for a small group of people later this year.

I am also looking for information on getting from Bamako to Segou or Mopti by boat - how often are there boats, when do they leave (any particular day of the week), etc. Is there any good information like this somewhere on the web? Any other suggestions for Mali?
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Aug 20th, 2004, 09:17 PM
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Dogon is fascinating country and probably the highlight of Mali. Getting a good guide is paramount. The best guides are out of Bandiagara. Unless you get a bona-fide tour agent in Bamako, you should never hire a Dogon guide there. They are not Dogon, but they are shisters and drunks. Most people I met took boat trips from Mopti, not Bamako. The Lonely Planet guides to West Africa, and the Rough Guides to WEst AFrica, along with the somewhat out-of-date Brandt Guide to Mali are your best resources. Also Lonely Planet has a terrific posting board ( I hope you speak and understand French. You will have a difficult time getting good prices if you can't speak French. Mali is relatively expensive, for west Africa. Make sure everyone takes malaria prophylaxix, and has a yellow fever vaccination with the yellow card.
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