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eyelaser May 1st, 2007 03:48 AM

Djuma does it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For all of those who remember, it was the Djuma team that was instrumental in Africam's early days. At that time there was a live safari vehicle at Mala Mala. Sadly that ended a number of years ago but today I received an email that Djuma is reinstituting it's live safari drives with a special camera vehicle with morning and afternoon on the web. The e-mail address is
This is really great news and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I will.
Thanks Jurie and the rest of the Djuma team.

kruger2canyons May 1st, 2007 04:21 AM

Live games drives, including an audio commentary, are twice daily at 07h30 and 16h00 CAT.

When they are not out on the vehicle, there is live coverage of two local waterholes in the north of the Sabi Sand.

HariS May 1st, 2007 05:38 AM

Thanks for the info, Eric......i'm sure this will be a good game drive fix for all of us inbetween safaris.


atravelynn May 1st, 2007 05:48 AM

Thank you and I've saved the address. But I will not look at any of these live sites until I am no longer working because if I start on these I'll never get anything done. I'll spend all my time on a virtual safari meaning I won't earn any money for the real one. But thank you anyway and for those who possess more willpower than I, it is a probably a delight.

hills27 May 1st, 2007 06:29 PM

Bump - to push the Morocco thread down.

CarlaM May 1st, 2007 09:06 PM

Here we go gang...The game drive is off! Cool! The next best thing to being there.

CarlaM May 1st, 2007 09:12 PM

cary999 May 1st, 2007 09:35 PM

I was poking around the Djuma web site and came on a nice map of private camps in that area around Kruger. Link is -
regards - tom

hills27 May 1st, 2007 09:49 PM

Lynn, it's even worse than you think. The guide is kinda cute.

CarlaM May 1st, 2007 09:56 PM

I was thinking the same thing Hills but didn't want to torture Lynn. >:) Kind of makes your day a little cheerier I hope! :D

hills27 May 1st, 2007 10:00 PM

and the accent...sigh....

hills27 May 1st, 2007 10:01 PM

Damn you Djuma, I have to get up in five hours to go to the airport (and not to Africa :'( ).

CarlaM May 1st, 2007 10:06 PM

Beware of the "Khaki Fever" I was just reading about in my Fodors African Safari book tonight ((L))

hills27 May 1st, 2007 10:09 PM

lol, believe me, there's no chance of that happening. If I could resist the hot Chileans in Patagonia, I can resist anything.

But I read about that too, it cracked me up. It's in Nolting's book, right?

hills27 May 1st, 2007 10:10 PM

Duh, you said Fodors.

CarlaM May 1st, 2007 10:14 PM

page 149, I had never heard of this before, what a crack up!

atravelynn May 2nd, 2007 08:30 AM

I'm not looking. I'm not looking!

napamatt May 2nd, 2007 08:56 AM

I can wear khaki >:-)

Chris_GA_Atl May 2nd, 2007 09:05 AM

Lynn, I apologize for "piling on" like this, but that is surely one of the coolest things I have ever seen!


atravelynn May 2nd, 2007 09:29 AM

Ok, I'm weak. I peeked. But there was not too much going on and I did not spy any of our fine khaki-clad rangers. So after one minute and 47 seconds I closed out.

I'll be flipping to page 149 before the day ends.

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