Discount Airfares to South Africa?

Oct 19th, 2000, 11:03 AM
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Discount Airfares to South Africa?


I am trying to plan a trip for two weeks to Cape Town and Kruger (and maybe Durban!). It is becoming really difficult.

The major problem is the cost of airfare!

Does anyone here have any idea of how to get discounted airfare to S.A. (and within it as well). I have searched and for May and June, and the fares are all over $1100 per person! I also searched, and they were $1300 + per person!

Perhaps there are some good wholesalers / consolidators that you know of? Or some other insider info. and advice?

I would SO appreciate anyone's help, as this trip is a surprise for my fiance, and will be our first vacation in a few years. It is both our dream to go, but the cost of airfare is just so prohibitive as of now.

Thank You so much in advance!!! Lily
Oct 20th, 2000, 09:37 AM
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I think $1100 may be as cheap as you can do, depending on where that's starting from. The cheapest I've ever seen is about $850 or $900 from the East Coast, in low season. Add a couple hundred from the Midwest. May and June are high season I think.

Anyway, here are some travel agents specializing in SA (I think they are
consolidators, or at least they discount the fares somewhat) Premier Travel & Tours,; Travel Spirit, 1-800-770-4326; Karell Travel,

I don't have personal experience with any of these; I'm just on their mailing lists.

Good luck!
Oct 20th, 2000, 12:29 PM
joseph cameron
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Lily: Celia's info. agrees with what SAA/Delta told me Ocotber 10: low season for the US (9/16-12/9/2000) prices DC to Cape Town via Atlanta - $1025 plus $55 taxes. Shoulder increases to $1125, high to $1275. RT CT to Durban about $250. I'm planning a trip to SA now, and air prices are a key concern. If you anyway to get a cheaper SAA/Delta non-stop ticket to Cape Twon, please let me know. Talk with SAA at 1-800-722-9675 - I found them to be very helpful. If you can find something US-SA NS for under $1,000, snap it up and then please contact me ASAP. Good luck - I hope you're successful. Joe
Nov 6th, 2000, 02:09 PM
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Give Lion World Travel in Toronto a call. I used them to book at trip from San Francisco to Cape Town in August and they were able to find a fare of $1300. A South African friend of mine referred me to this company as they specialize in SA travel. I also used them to book a safari and car rental - great rates there too.
Nov 6th, 2000, 04:45 PM
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Unfortunately those are the ballpark costs of fares to SA. I don't know why it is so expensive but it has been that way for many years now. The above mentioned consolidators are all much the same. Just keep trying and calling until the time you MUST book. I called for fares in Sept for Dec and let the tickets fall away as the cost was too high, then in Oct I rethought the trip and called and was lucky to get a fare $300. less than the first quote. Sad to say it is still $1350 with taxes. SA is the best place to use frequent flyer miles if you can - you need about 75,000 miles. I have found that the various websites are unable to quote a fare as low as the consolidators. Good luck
Nov 12th, 2000, 09:01 PM
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Hi, boy do I know where your comming from, we booked a two week Honeymoon trip for June 2001. We got a great deal on our travel within South Africa, however I couldn't get cheap airfare. Expedia,, and the airlined directly were all comming in at about $1900 to $2000 + from the East coast of the US. I kept hearing it was due to the high US summer travel season. Plus everyone I contaced said prices would increase. I booked roundtrip for $1368. I used a consolidater Frosch International 713-850-1566. Good Luck
Nov 15th, 2000, 11:23 AM
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I agree with the difficulty of fares to SA. Also, distances are great, and some civil unrest exists. Thus, despite my experiences in 47 countries so far, I have booked a 15 day tour with smartours (, with air from Atlanta for 2699 single/share with 4/5 star hotels, touring by coach, including to Kruger, and internal air and many meals. It seems safer and cheaper than I could do it, since they get a bulk fare deal on SAA.
Nov 30th, 2000, 11:15 AM
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Lily- We found a cheap airfare on SAA going thru ATD, Adventure Travel Desk, 800-552-0300. They are great! W
Dec 1st, 2000, 04:29 AM
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Wqxman - What is the fare and what time of year? do they have a website?
Dec 1st, 2000, 10:04 AM
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Mary, The web site is
Mar 9th, 2001, 11:11 PM
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I found a $1200 rate to SA on, used them before to London.
Mar 17th, 2001, 11:09 AM
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Get a discounted ticket to London, and book the London to SA through Trailfinders in London +44 207 938 3444. You should be able to find a ticket for well under $600 return for the UK-SA trip. Could be even cheaper if you are prepared to route from London through a European city - such as Amsterdam or Frankfurt.

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