Oct 13th, 1997, 07:17 AM
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Has anyone been to Nicosia or the surrounding area ? Would love some information about getting there from Seattle, what to do once there and where to go after from there, either by ferry/plane. Thanks.
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Dec 24th, 1997, 01:57 PM
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In May 95 I spent 2weeks in Northern Cyprus(kibris). It was very relaxing and not at all
touristy or developed like Southern Cyprus. The people were extremely hospitable and relaxed. There were all classes of hotels, pensions to 5 stars. I stayed at a 3star in Bogas for $25 US.
Since Northern Cyprus is not recongnized by the majority of countries you'll probably fly in from Istanbul,Turkey. Once there you can rent a car or get around by taxi or dolmus(shared taxi,minibus). Transportation is cheap and effecient. There is ferry service to Turkey and Syria if your interested.
For further info see the following page:
Bonne Voyage,
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Mar 19th, 1998, 01:58 AM
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You can fly to the unoccupied southern part of the island via any European carrier. There are regular flights to Larnaca Airport. Should anything happen to you in Northern Cyprus there is no embassy there to help you - it is not a recognised state. In any case you can cross from the souther to the northern part of the island from the Nicosia Ledra Check point (be careful not to get your passport stamped as you will not be allowed back). There are many bars in the old toen centre and the best time to visit is spring or september/otcober. Stay away in August it is too hot to be anywhere but on the beach (also overcrowded).
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