Clothing for Safari


Dec 17th, 1997, 03:17 AM
Cliff Jensen
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Clothing for Safari

We are spending two weeks in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. What is dress code in better hotels in Kenya (Norfolk Hotel) and Zanzibar (Serena Hotel)? I assume that when on safari we will stay in vehicles and that hiking boots are not necessary. Trying to follow suggestions and take absolute minimum.
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Dec 19th, 1997, 08:11 PM
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Hi- You should have a wonderful trip. The Norfolk is moderately dressy, but is also heavily frequented by journalists who bring the place down a bit- (Ican say this because I'm a worse species, the aid worker. My parents wore their typical WASP clothes there, just as if they were traveling in New Hampshire in the summer. It really does get cold at night. The norfolk has the greatest breakfasts!!! yum-

Zanzibar will be hot and muggy, and you should (I think) dress unobtrusively at least out in the street- Nairobi is very cosmopolitan and there are lots of well-dressed people in addition to the beggars and working class people, but Zbar tends to be very conservative and much less developed. You could wear an Izod-type polo shirt and chinos and never be out of place anywhere, although obviously american. we will never truly blend anywhere anyway!
ON safari you will be in the vehicle, at least in almost all parks, but a pair of comfortable walking shoes is a must for the whole trip. One thing- on safari, you get incredibly dusty and dirty unless you're there during the rainy seasons- I don't remember when you're going..?

The main thing is do not buy a safari jacket unless you truly can't control the urge. It was a total crackup back in 1985? or 87? when Out of Africa came out, and all the tourists were wearing I swear to god pith helmets, as if some leopard were about to leap down from the stoplight in front of the Thorn Tree cafe-

Feel free to email me directly if you have other questions- I've lived and worked in Africa off and on for 10+ years, and love it! Have a great trip- Waverly
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Jan 23rd, 1998, 10:58 PM
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wanted to add a P>S. to prior message:Nairobi can
be cool early AM & evenings so bring a wrap. Most
restaurants are not dressy in the american sense
of style.The only place we saw women in hi heels was in the ibis room at the norfolk. There is a great
piano player there btw,francis Njoroge. If you see him say Jackie &David say hello. A simple dress and
flats goes everywhere.
Re safari clothes:wear long sleeves as the sun is
intense,and don't forget a hat.
have a great time-I've been there twice and am dreaming about my m%3Dnext trip!
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