Classic Hunting Safaris site completey taken down?!

Apr 4th, 2004, 03:05 PM
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Selwyn - I have been following these postings since the beginning and have had a hard time not expressing my view. I just want you to know I have been to your beautiful country and hope to return in the future. At that time, I will most certainly seek out your expertise.
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Apr 4th, 2004, 04:01 PM
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I must say that I find you to be a complete hypocrite. If you are only here to offer sound advice and expect to gain nothing in return, perhaps you should remove your e-mail address from your Fodor's identity. For what other reason than to hook potential customers does it even appear?

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Apr 4th, 2004, 04:21 PM
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I don't know why I clicked back here, and I must say I'm sorry I did. I admire you for using your name and in fact posting your email address. I find those who continually hide behind a handle tend to take liberties with others feelings they wouldn't take if they had to answer for their postings.
Ah yes, a kinder, gentler place. Ahhhhhh!
Apr 4th, 2004, 10:19 PM
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Just to inform you the only reason as to why I publish my email address on the FODORS board is because firstly it is NOT against FODORS rules and furthermore I help on average about 3 Fodorites a week with free, friendly, sound advice in private format for no other reason other than wanting to ensure that they have a great stay in my country. In 2003 I estimate that I travelled and toured with 2 tours out of about 120 who were FODORITES. I also met 4 Fodorites in Cape Town purely for a chat and an opportunity to help them on their way while they were in Cape Town or travelling on the Garden Route. I dont charge to help friends as you should well know due to your own exxperience. Furthermore if you dont believe me then I dare you put out a thread on this board asking the above people to tell you who they are. Btw if they answer you telling you that they have done this would you then apologise publicly to me on this board. Many Fodorites have asked me for help them privately in email in that they thought that their problem was of a unique nature. Many a time I help them and generally ask them to continue the subject on the FODORS board so that others can gain from their experience via my answers in a public forum as opposed to a private mail. A classic example of this happened this past week via a friend of Judy who was in SA last week and who wanted to make contact with me so as to share views on the work that he intends doing in SA. His position however was too private to publish on the board yet I helped him as best I could and if it were not for my presently hectic tour scchedule I would have loved to have met up with him in Cape Town so as to share views.

I DONT WRITE ON FODORS TO FIND TRADE and take huge offence to anyone such as yourself who intimates that I do so. I simply dont have the capacity to handle any extra touring other than the work that comes from my past tour referrals alone. Please remember that I dont tour for a living, I tour for fun. What amazes me is that you out of all people should know that as you and STD have personally been in my car for a wonderful day in Cape Town and did I charge you for the event??????? On the 8th of May I am making place in my schedule to travel with 8 Fodorites for a day in the winelands as well as in a township. Why dont you ask them whether I am charging them for the day? I love what I do and helping others to enjoy my country as well as city is a major part of my life. I write on Fodors for this reason only and will help anybody, be it in a public or private domain hence my email addres on this page. How about publishing yours so that others can see who you are and can then communicate with you accordingly, you might even find that you get some hate mail!

If my answer does not satisfy you then what more can I say other than I have the definitive proof in the form of tons of emails which if you want me to I will publish on the board so as to embarrass your statement of me being a hypocrite.

Apologies in response are in order.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

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Apr 5th, 2004, 01:03 AM
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Just wanted to get you to bite for a second time on a thread that you have already signed off on. Keep up the good work...I don't see any other guides hanging ou here giving free advice.

And while I may not be accredited, as long as we are patting ourselves on the back, I did a little check, and I find that I have offered nearly 2.5 times the amount the advice that you have in the last 12 month period (340 threads vs. 140 threads). Unfortunately, my advice has not brought in even a single tour, though the numerous "thank you's" have proven to be more than enough payment.

>>This is my swansong mail from this whole debate which I think is sort of getting out of hand as it is starting to have less to do with travel by the day.

Just take a deep breath, and know that my last post was just a test... despite our recent heated disagreements, even I appreciate your presence on this board, you "Swansong Scum!"
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Mar 12th, 2005, 04:57 PM
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ttt for an interested party
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