Channel 4 documentary series


Aug 31st, 2000, 02:51 AM
James Christie-Miller
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Channel 4 documentary series

I am making a documentary series for UK broadcaster Channel 4 following British people over the next year as they try to make their dream become a reality. Are you transforming your life in the pursuit of a dream? Are you selling up, leaving the rat race and planning never to return? I am interested in finding people who have recently changed or are just about to change their lives as they search for fresh challenges and fulfilment. Maybe you are preparing to take a risk and downshift to a tropical idyll or are planning a life change through an exciting new business venture in Africa or the Middle East. We are not looking for people who are travelling, taking a year off or retiring. If this sounds like you please contact James Christie-Miller, Ricochet Films, telephone (intl dialling code) + 44 20 7251 6966, email: [email protected]
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Sep 2nd, 2000, 05:48 PM
david mcilwaine
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My girlfriend is a nurse working in Angola for MSF and will be there until May.

Last week I asked her to marry me over the telephone. Thankfully she said yes.

We met on New Years Day this year, fell in love and decided that we should do whatever we can to be together.

The day after I proposed I resigned from my job as a television news reporter and now I'm working on heading to Africa, so that we can be closer to eachother.

We're going to get married in Capetown in November while she gets a couple of weeks off.

I love making television and that's what I want to keep doing.

Last year I grabbed a cameraman, borrowed about $20,000 bucks between us and made 6 short features in Ghana.

We've had some success with selling those stories and now I'm looking to build on experience by working in Africa.

Here's an outline of our Plan.

This mission is Sarah's first for MSF or any organisation.

She's has a british passport and spent 10 years studying nursing, french and politics in London and wants to continue with aid work for the next few years.

We can't live together in Angola, so I'm going to look for some sort of opportunity in a country near by.

But within 12 months I want to get in a position where I can make stories around the world and make a living from it.

Sarah will never be too far away from a good story so I figure it's the best chance we have of being together.

I'm basically selling up here in Australia and can't say when we'll be back. Everyone thinks I'm crazy to leave a top job, good car and place by a beautiful Australian beach behind but I reckon it'll be good.

I don't know if our story fits in with your criteria, but it's got plenty of emotion and I'm sure there'll be tons of action- great for television.

In any case, if you've got any ideas of work that I could do with Channel 4 from Africa or any other ideas to help bring our plans together that would be a fantastic help.

All the best
David McIlwaine 612 4929 4929; 612 412 639 139 (mobile)

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