Cash vs travellers cheques? How much do you tip?


Jun 19th, 2002, 03:18 PM
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Cash vs travellers cheques? How much do you tip?

When on safari, should we carry cash or traveller cheques? There's probably not too many opportunities to use credit cards or make exchanges but I am not comfortable carry all that cash for tips & misc spending. Any ideas for Egypt? Is local currency or US$ better for tipping & to bargin with?

what's the standard tip for guides, drivers, & cooks? We are going on a participating camping safari where we help with cooking and setting up tents. Can you please suggest a reasonable amount?

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Jun 19th, 2002, 06:45 PM
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The local (Egyptian) currency is issued in paper denominations smaller than a US dollar. (Egyptian pound notes). These are very useful for expected/requested tips for pointless and needless assistance - like opening a door for you. It turns out to be about 25 cents. For larger tips, US dollars were often requested over Egyptian pounds. We spent only Egyptian pounds for purchases.

We got some local currency from our bank before we left - very useful to have after a 12 hour flight so we did not stand in line at currency exchange. When we arrived in Cairo, we were only able to pay for Egyptian visa at airport with US dollars! (We had heard that ahead of time).

Egyptian paper money is colorful, the oldest money you have ever seen, and it all reeks of cigarette smoke.

Can't help with other questions.
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