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mcmench Mar 21st, 2014 08:00 PM

Car rental on Saturday in Tel Aviv?
My husband and I are arriving for our first trip to the Middle East on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014. We have reservations in Tel Aviv that night and planned to rent a car from Sept. 6 through Sept. 11. However, I can't find any car rental agencies that are open on Saturday Sept. 6. Is my only option to rent the car on Friday at the airport?

mbgg Mar 21st, 2014 11:24 PM

None of the car rental agencies in Tel-Aviv are open on Saturday. Only those at the airport are open. The simplest solution is to pick up your car at the airport on Friday when you arrive. Parking is always a problem in Tel-Aviv so book a hotel that provides parking or that has a public lot nearby.

I also suggest that you post your entire itinerary here.

mcmench Mar 22nd, 2014 08:50 AM

Thank you, I'll book the car for pickup on Friday at the airport. And I will take your advice and post my full itinerary under a different heading.

Oreet Mar 22nd, 2014 09:05 AM

To expand a bit - no car rental offices are open anywhere in the country on Saturday, other than the airport - the offices also close early on Friday -usually 1 or 2 pm. This is good to know in terms of returning your car too.

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