capetown & schotia safari & addo park

Mar 18th, 2004, 08:23 PM
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capetown & schotia safari & addo park

I'm planning on going to Capetown during May. Arriving May8th departing May 17th.
My itenerary is as follows spend 6 nights in Capetown, the last 3 nights I would like to spend at Schotia & addo park, I would like
to stay overnight at the reserve. Please
advise. Also what is the driving distance
between CPT & Schotia Game Park. Should I fly back to CPT or drive? Please HELP
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Mar 19th, 2004, 12:57 AM
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As far as your itinerary is concerned I would suggest that you change days as per the below:

At the outset let me point out that Addo and Schotia (25 km apart) are 900 Km from Cape Town which means a 9 hour drive so I definitely do NOT recommend that you do this journey in one day as there is so much to see along the way and if you speed along the highways you will miss out on lots of events.

Itinerary wise I would suggest that you cut your stay in Cape Town down to 5 days where you arrive on the 8th and use the 13th to travel to Knysna. This journey will take you about 6 hours and you should see quite a lot along the way such as the town of Swellendam, bungi jumpers at the Gouritz Bridge, The Wilderness and the town of Sedgefield. On arrival in Knysna I would recommend you book into a guesthouse and spend;lend the next two nights in the town using it as a pivot to explore the area which has so much else to offer.

The above should take you to May 15 and it would be my recommendation that you utilise this day to travel down to Schotia or Port Elizabeth. I suggest both places as you could stay on Schotia (great experience) and have the rangers from Schotia drive you on Addo on the morning of the 16th and then follow this up with the Schotia tooth and claw drive in the evening. Thereafter you simply stay over in your rondavel on Schotia which is a great experience in its own. Schotia will then organise for you to travel to the PE airport on the 18th.

If you opt to stay in Port Elizabeth you could stay in a guesthouse and travel to Addo in the morning (55 minute drive), pick up a hop on guide at the Addo gate (must be pre-booked) and enjoy the park while in the hands of one these wonderful rangers who are all part of the Eyethu upliftment programme.

After your drive on Addo you could travel to Schotia and then travel on their Tooth and claw safari. After the safari you will have to travel back to Port Elizabeth (25 minute drive)

The main difference between the above two safari suggestions is a price consideration.

If you opt for the above itinerary changes then I would suggest that you fly back to Cape Town on the 17th so as to catch your connecting flight back to your next destination from Cape Town International.

If you need any further advice please feel free to comment on this board and I as well as I am sure others on the board, will do whatever we can to advise and help you further. As I do the above journey as a professional tourguide about 12 times a year I know most of the tricks and traps along the way and would be very happy to help you with whatever you need to know in this regard..

Hope you have a great stay in our wonderful country.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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Mar 19th, 2004, 05:17 AM
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Thank you for the info Selwyn. I still
have more questions, if I fly to P.E.
to spend more time at Schotia & Addo Park, rather than drive. Will this be enough time to fully enjoy both parks
and cut one day from CPT? If I fly will someone from the Scotia meet me at the airport and take care of the transportation to both parks and can you give me an idea of prices to stay
at Schotia and visit Addo. Thanks for your help.
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Mar 19th, 2004, 08:46 PM
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Addo and Schotia are not more than one day event venues. They only specialize in game drives which can be covered in one day You would truly be wasting your time if you attempted to spend 3 days at these farms. Your plan dfor the areas should be that you arrive in Port Elizabeth and go to Schotia where you should go on the evening game drive (Tooth and Claw), have dinner and sleep over in one of the Schotia rondavels. The next morning Schotia will have one of their Rangers (who will be assigned to you when you stay at Schotia) take you to Addo for a morning game drive on the Elephant Park. After your drive on the Addo park you will return to Schotia and do the Tooth and claw safari again. You then sleepover in your rondavel and the following morning the staff at Schotia will transfer you to the Port Elizabeth airport for you to travel to your next destination. Not that Schotia offer the above deal as a package and certainly do not recommend a three day stay on their premises. I have to add there simply is no better way to do the Addo /Schotia journey other than the above. In terms of prices please understand that I have no idea as to how many people you will be and furthermore do not know the latest costs of the above events so could you please go to the Schotia and Addo websites where you will find linking addresses so that you can write to the various establishments and ask them to quote you. Note that if you are traveling on your own you will be paying a single supplement fee of probably 50% for accommodation purposes.

In terms of you being collected at the Port Elizabeth airport by the staff of Schotia the game farm does offer these services however I strongly strongly suggest that you forego a day of your Cape Town journey so as to travel to PE by car as you will miss the Garden Route if you fly from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and to be quite honest I would go as far as saying that it would be a big mistake if you take the air route

Hope the above all helps.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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Mar 20th, 2004, 10:07 AM
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Thanks again for all the helpful info.
Our plans have changed though. We will
be spending 5-6 nights in CPT, but will
be going to Kruger for 3 nights. Can you please recommend private game reserves in this area. Priced around
$500-800pp for 3 nights. What is your
opinion of Ezulwini & Drifters?
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