Cape Town travel tips - 1


Oct 27th, 2002, 03:52 AM
Selwyn Davidowitz
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Cape Town travel tips - 1

In the hope of trying to help visitors to Cape Town I am going to try and publish on a bi-weekly basis a Cape Town travel tip that one generally will not find in travel books or on travel pages. I have garnered these little tips over the past years while working as a travel professional and truly believe that they will enhance the stay of those visiting my wonderful city.

Table Mountains ascent times.
If one visits Cape Town in South Africa then the ascending of our famous Table Mountain is an absolute "must do" event. The question is at what time of day should one do this? The answer is that the best time to do this at 17h00 in the Winter and 18h00 in the Summer. Believe me very few seem to realise this and everyone scrambles up the mountain in hordes during the daylight hours. Why do they do this? The answer is simple in that most tourguides work from 08h00 to 17h00 and they try to have their visitors ascend the mountain in the morning so as to be over and done with the journey. Sometimes their thinking would be correct, especially in the Winter, as the weather could change on the day and that could make an evening ascent impossible. In the Summer months the weather changes are minimal and virtually every day and evening is a mountain day or night. )

The reason for the ascent times that I have mentioned is that one gets an opportunity to get a great last daylight view from the mountain inclusive of a wonderful Cape Town sunset afterwards. Because of the mountain top not being so crowded with visitors at this time of day one also can enjoy the event in relative privacy with those travelling with you. Romanticism rules when the sun sets and one views this awesome experience at the foot of Africa on one of the world's most famous mountains.

When leaving the mountain by cable car one can see how the lights of Cape Town are switched on as the light of the sun disappears.......Wow I get goose-bumps thinking of this all as it is such an amazing experience.

Also remember that no matter what the weather always take a jacket or windbreaker with you when you ascend the mountain as the weather can change within 5 minutes on top of the mountain if a cloud decides to visit. )

Enjoy my city when you visit us
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