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wftraveler Jul 28th, 2005 12:22 PM

Cape Town to Johannesburg flights
Trying to figure out the air carriers from JNB to Cape Town. What is the approximate airfare, travel time, and are they available one way only.

Also how far is Kruger National Park from JNB. Is it best to drive or fly. Will it be OK to have kids (6 and 4 years) on the self-driving tour.

jasher Jul 29th, 2005 03:14 AM


You have a lot of options in terms of flying from Joburg to Cape Town, as it's one of the most competitive routes in SA. The cheapest will probably be Kulula or 1time, the two budget carriers. Both offer one-way flights. You should also check Nationwide and SA Airlink in case they are having a sale, or all the cheap seats have been sold on the budget carriers. I flew from Joburg to Cape Town for R299.

The drive from JNB to Kruger is about 5-6 hours, vs a 1.5-hour flight. As I usually travel solo, I vastly preferred the flight, but if you have two drivers it shouldn't be too bad. I don't know if I'd want to spend six hours of my holiday on the road even if I had another person to share the driving, though. And that's a very long time to be in a car with kids as young as yours.


ArthurSA Jul 29th, 2005 05:54 AM

Wow Julian! I should ask you to be my travel agent! Are you sure that wasn't perhaps Jo'burg/Durban? But I suppose you should know where you travelled. :-)

Why I'm so amazed, apart from never ever coming close to that R299, is that I have just gone onto the Kulula site and asked for a one-way Jo'burg/CT at the end of August. There are 15 flights, and the price ranges from R429 to R669. For the same day, 1Time has five flights, all of them at R429.

In any event, I think those prices would be more typical. And as Julian says, those two "no frills" carriers would usually be the cheapest.

ArthurSA Jul 29th, 2005 05:55 AM

Website for those two:

jasher Jul 29th, 2005 06:21 AM

Hi Arthur,

I've never been to Durban, so I'm pretty sure it was Jobugr-Cape Town : )

Since I'm coming from the UK and have to arrange my trip way in advance, I can book my flights really early -- the only way to get that R299 fare (it's the same for the Kruger-JNB route). But sometimes there are sales so it's worth it to check back.

Interestingly, a long time ago I was a travel agent of sorts -- Harvard, where I was an undergraduate, is also the home of the Let's Go Travel Guides and a a student travel agency, and I worked at the travel agency for awhile.

Working there was a lot of fun -- when there weren't any clients we would sit on the Sabre computers and see who could get the furthest from Boston for $1000 (or some other random number), using every trick we could think of to find cheap fares. We also had an airline blacklist, which had the names of 'fly at your own risk' airlines -- airlines whose safety and mainteance records weren't quite up to snuff, but which often offered rock-bottom fares which were attractive to students. Anyone who really wanted to fly one of those airlines had to sign a special form.


Celia Jul 29th, 2005 08:46 AM

Wftraveler, having your kids with you on your self-drive game drives will be great! You'll be able to tailor the amount of time spent to what's suitable for them; and you'll have the great joy of seeing things through their eyes! The camp shops often have wildlife books suitable for young kids -- if you take one of those in the car with you, the kids can help identify the animals as you see them.

I don't know whether Kruger has age limitations on the ranger-led drives.

Sarvowinner Jul 29th, 2005 08:34 PM


I've copied the cost of our one-way fares for three people in January 2006 from CPT to JNB on Kulula - this is a 6.30am flight arriving at 8.30am, but we are then transitting onto a flight to Victoria Falls. I don't know how mauch difference there would have been if we had done the flight the other way. We booked these tickets in May so 7 months in advance.

Fares excluding VAT (Flights only) R 844.74
VAT R 118.26
Airport and insurance taxes (excl VAT) R 144.00
Total R 1107.00

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