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Cape Town: La Splendida, Les Cascades, Villa Belmonte, Radisson Waterfront, or Protea Victoria Junction?


Jan 17th, 2003, 08:47 AM
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Cape Town: La Splendida, Les Cascades, Villa Belmonte, Radisson Waterfront, or Protea Victoria Junction?

S.O. & I, 2 adults in our 30s, no kids, want a well-located Cape Town hotel for sightseeing, with air conditioning, and good views of mountains or the sea would be nice. The following were recommended, appear to have air conditioning, and are available in our price range, more or less. I would like to know if anyone has stayed at any of these and which you would or would not recommend and why. Which one should we choose?
La Splendida
Les Cascades de Bantry Bay
Villa Belmonte
Radisson Waterfront
or Protea Victoria Junction (this one is least expensive and so we're leaning toward it unless there's a reason not to)
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Jan 17th, 2003, 09:35 AM
Selwyn Davidowitz
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Hi Ruth,

I need to ask why you are placing so much emphasis on air-conditioning. Air-conditioning in Cape Town is a gimmick. Capetonians dont have air-conditioning in their houses or apartments for one important reason and that is that they dont need it. Our humidity levels in the city are very low and temperatures are moderate at all times.

When looking for a place of stay in Cape Town you narrow your choices radically if you place air-conditioning as a necessity. The reason for this is simple. The majority of establishments dont have air-conditioning and they dont have it for another reason viz. once again they dont need it.

As someone who has lived in Cape Town for my whole life and who has travelled a fair part of the rest of the world (Who all seem to be obsessed with air-conditioning) all I can suggest to you is ignore air-conditioning and work on better principles such as location, price, service etc so as to evaluate where you want to stay. Imho as a Capetonian I would say that air-conditioning should be last in line when it comes to these measuring parameters. If you or anybody in your family unfortunately have a health problem that might call for air-conditioning then that is another issue entirely however I am still to hear of such a condition.

My suggestion is that you change your parameters by which you measure what you need out of accommodation in Cape Town, draw up a new list of establishments (your choice will be so much greater) and then start asking for recommendations on this page.

Selwyn Davidowitz

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Jan 17th, 2003, 10:50 AM
Lisa waverley
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I have to agree with Selwyn. I have spent many summers in Cape Town and never needed an air conditioner.Cape Town does not have humidity and often has a great sea breeze (or stronger!!!).

Look for location, comfort and my favorite, a view.

Sorry I can't help with your choices as I am not too familiar with them
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Jan 20th, 2003, 05:35 PM
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We just stayed at La Splendida in November and it was fine. There was really nothing wrong with it but we would probably not stay there again. In driving around Capetown we came across nearly all your choices. Based on location and looks from the outside I would probably recommend Les Cascades. This is the hotel that is furthest from downtown but it is in a very nice relaxed residential area. The Victoria junction looked great from the outside but walking around that area of town at night would probably have been uncomfortable for my wife and I. Radisson Waterfront has a very good location, although I have read nothing special on the inside, and a few minute walk to the V&A waterfront, always a good destination to fall back to when you have had a busy day exploring the Cape.
We stayed at B&B's and very small camps the rest of the time in S. Africa and thorougly enjoyed the interaction of the hosts and other guests. We learned a lot about the country and the people from them.
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Jan 20th, 2003, 10:17 PM
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Stayed last month at the Holiday Inn Waterfront and could not have been happier. We had a beautiful harbor view, the price was right and the room was fine. The bathroom had the best shower I've ever experienced in a hotel -- and a stall shower separate from the bath! The location can't be beat. I had originally wanted to stay right in the waterfront, but the rates were too high. Turns out this is a 10-minute walk to the waterfront (safey in daylight) and for other times there is a convenient shuttle every half-hour. But it is also walking distance from city bowl sights and we particularly liked walking to greenmarket square.
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