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annperry Jun 2nd, 2007 07:41 AM

Cape Town in June
We are starting a southern African trip in Cape Town and will be there 4 days the last part of June. Have rental car reserved. Is the garden route worth it even if it is raining?
Where are the best places to go if the weather is bad? Are the Kirstenboch Gardens good in the winter, too?
We have reservations at the Cape Heritage Hotel on Bree street. Does anyone have any experience with this hotel or this area? Any comments/info very much appreciated.

kurt_a Jun 2nd, 2007 10:21 AM

Hi Ann

Cape Heritage Hotel is a property that's part of Heritage Square, centrally located. A bit far to walk to the V&A Waterfront, but just 2 blocks from Greenmarket Square, Long Street and easy access to De Waterkant. Good restaurants in the area. Company's Gardens and St George's Mall are also just a couple of blocks away. A good wine bar and restaurant is adjacent to the hotel (La Caveau), and Savoy Cabbage is also part of Heritage Square -- a reliable quality restaurant.

For rainy days, consider driving up the West Coast. Just 150km north the rainfall drops off by a factor of 3-5x. Stops to consider include !Khwa ttu, West Coast National Park, West Coast Fossil Park, Darling, the Swartland Wine Route, Riebeeck-West, and even Clanwilliam in the Cederberg.

Kirstenbosch is great in the winter, but will likely be wet (even if not raining). The sugar birds and mongooses come out (mongeese?) and the crowds are gone. Everything is lush and green and there is a weekly winter concert series in the evening by the fire in the main Silvertree restaurant.

Make plans to see some local culture, as you may not get to Robben Island (choppy seas) or Table Mountain (clouds/rain) or even Cape Point (again, weather). On the other hand, you may well get glorious weather (like today!) and have crystal skies, placid seas and all the best of the fynbos. Just be ready to adapt to suit the weather and enjoy the best of the moment. 4 seasons in a day isn't uncommon in late June!




annperry Jun 2nd, 2007 02:01 PM

Thanks for the info; that's what I need: alternatives so I can go as the weather dictates. I noticed info about an art exhibit on your web site. I would love to buy some SA art such as a watercolor or print but not too expensive(R2-4000); any suggestions on where to shop?

annhig Jun 3rd, 2007 04:06 AM

hi, Kurt,

just to make it clear, this is another "ANN" with a CPT query, specifically about events in CPT at the end of July.

I noticed that in reply to Ann's query, you said that there are evening concerts at Kirstenbosch every week - does this apply in Jluy and if so, wheere can i foind out about them? do you know what day of the week they usually are?

I have been on lots of web-sites to try to find out about events when we'll be there [19-22 july] but it seems to be a bit of a dead time. Even the Rugby seems to be OFF.

Any ideas gratefully received,

regards, ann [the other one]

capetownfolk Jun 3rd, 2007 08:07 AM

Hi all
just to chip in re a few points
There are no concerts in Kirstenbosch in July - it is our winter. We have very temperamental weather, last week we had snow on the Outeniqua mountains, and so a very high chill factor here in town, and today I sit typing this in a sleeveless top and barefeet - go figure!
I am afraid Ann P you are going to have to plan as you go, but I think its great that you have back up plans for poor weather.
Kurt is right, Kirstenbosch is lovely in all weathers. However one caveat, please do not ever attempt to hike up any of our mountains from Kirstenbosch or table Mountain without getting a weather check first - we have had had many "tourist rescued from mountain" stories - Cape Talk one of our radio stations has a pretty good weather forecast. My husband always phones a number which he swears is 99% correct re forecasts and he is a sea person so weather is critical to him. I shall ask him for it and post it
The Cape Heritage hotel on Bree street is lovely - great choice and near some very good restaurants. I would walk into the waterfront and taxi back.
The garden route is also great in all weathers - Kurt is right, there is less rain up the west coast, but it is less developed as a tourist destination - that could be a plus!
and again, you may have no rain.

re art - we buy our art from Gail at the the cape gallery in church street in town - its a gallery that has been established for at least 20 years that I know and Gail the owner is a very modest and experienced woman
here's a link

there are lots of good galleries in CT, it's just i use this one

AnnH - sorry we are a bit sleepy in Cape Town in July. When you get here get a copy of the Cape Times and also of the weekend Argus and there will be listings of whats on. Also post again at the beginning of july - maybe something like "whats happeing in Cape Town for July - I get a brilliant magazine from one of my childrens schools called Child which has a calendar or events, but I will only get the July mag at end of June and I am in New York from mid June to 1 july, so a new posting will help, or I don't mind if you contact me: [email protected] - I am not in the tourism business in any way (clothing business) but I do know CT well, and as I get so much help on Fodors I am glad to give a little back.
here's the Baxter Theatre Lonk in the meantime
Book an evening at Madame Zingara's theatre tent - its awsome and a looooong waiting list - only hearing good things - they set up a tent on the foreshore when their very popular restaurant burnt down - supposed to be awesome but youneed to book well inadvance

The Artscape July calendar is now out - I was there last night to see Jazzart - awesome
I see the world youth choir kick off their tour on July 19 at St Georges cathedral - i am so there. More stuff will come up - just wait
Anyway, hope this helps - enjoy your planning

kurt_a Jun 3rd, 2007 08:16 AM

Hi Ann(s!)

annperry: stroll along Church Street for a couple of more affordable galleries - try AVA in particular. Nice San block prints are at Heartworks (Kloof Street or Gardens Centre) and at Montebello (in Newlands).

annhig: winter concert info for Kirstenbosch at
On July 22nd the performance is a blues concert. Alternative performances can be found at



capetownfolk Jun 3rd, 2007 09:21 AM

well done Kurt - I mised that one - I shall dfinately give some of these a try
When you said more affordable - do you find the Cspe Gallery expensive? I think they tend to cover everything from R500 - R100 000 - I was going by Ann's budget indication, and I thought I'd guide her more towards recognised artists and upcoming artists - not that heartworks isn't lovely - found some great gifts for people there

annhig Jun 3rd, 2007 02:44 PM

hi, kurt,

thanks for the link to the Kirstenbosch concerts - unfortunately we will be moving on from CPT on the morning of the 22nd, so it's not for us.

Capetownfolk - thanks so much for mentioning the world youth choir. DS and I are keen singers and we would love to hear them. Is it possible to get tickets for the performance [assuming st. george's cathedral is in CPT! - excuse my ignorance] on 19th July?

hope you enjoy your trip to NY.

regards, ann

capetownfolk Jun 3rd, 2007 09:21 PM

Hi again Ann
St George's Cathedrl is our main catherdral in the centre of Cape Town
You will need to book your tickets fairly soon. I see the concert is being organised by Artscape - our main theatre and tickets are through computicket.
Book them on line - link is below.;activeid=1

click on tickets in the bar above. World Youth is at the bottom the list, click on this and it takes you through to computicket. After you buy your tickets you get a booking ref, print this out and normally you could take this to the box office at artscape, but I am not sure if there is a box office at St Georges. You could either email computicket if the ticket pick up is not clear, or you can call in at large supermarkets like Checkers (the list is on the computicket site) and they will check your booking ref, swipe your credit card and issue you with proper tikets.
hope this helps - enjoy

annhig Jun 5th, 2007 12:55 PM

hi, capetownfolk,

well, i do hope that you're coming to the UK sometime soon so I can reciprocate!

those are just the details I need.

I need to consult the family, and then will book asap. The web-site is down just now, but I'll have another go later.

many, many thanks,

regards, ann

annperry Jun 5th, 2007 05:47 PM

Thanks for the suggestions on art. The Cape Gallery link shows wonderful pieces, but a bit out of my price range. Still, I'd like to go by to visit. I usually try to buy a painting,watercolor or other artwork as my souvenier of a country. My collection includes Chile, Peru, Nova Scotia, S Korea, and New Zealand. Glad the Cape Heritage has good ratings; it's always hard to tell when booking on the net, but they seemed very friendly.

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