Can you help me with ideas for a 2-3 month trip?

Jun 4th, 2003, 05:35 AM
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Can you help me with ideas for a 2-3 month trip?


*I'm a Brit living near London and am planning to take a 2-3 month break from working in 2004 to travel to one or two other contintents. My partner will be doing same so we will be travelling together.
*We are in the very early stages of narrowing down where to go and deciding when to go -- the two being closely related.
*The options in terms of time would be either April, May, June or sometime around November,December, January.
*Budget isn't fixed or limited at this stage but we don't want to spend an absolute fortune either. Once we have more information and have narrowed down destinations we can look at what our cost options are.
*We can self drive, fly, take train etcetera but are not generally keen on group tours.
*Health issues mean that we need easy access to health care, cannot sleep rough and are unable to participate in strenuous activities such as hiking, rafting, diving etc. That said we are only in our thirties so we are not interested in joining up with Saga just yet!
*Our interests include history, culture, photography, wildlife, food and wine from around the world, festivals and scenery. We like to take our time when travelling. We are not interested in night life/ drinking, sports or beaches.
*We are not desperate to be the only travellers in a given destination ? we don?t have a mission to get off the beaten path, as it were -- we are happy to see places that are well loved (when it is for good reason) as well as more remote but interesting places you might suggest.
*We have both travelled extensively and our past trips include many places in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia so we are not travel novices. But we have never taken longer trips as we have usually been restricted by limited annual leave allowances.
*Ideas at the moment include India, China, Australia/ NZ, South America and Africa. We are obviously not intending to cover all these areas but will need to find out more about travelling to and in each before narrowing the choice down to one or two only.
*We would like to finish the trip in South Africa, though this is not fixed.

If you have any advice about good/ bad times of year to travel to the listed destinations or about which of them you feel might best suit our needs and interests, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

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Jun 4th, 2003, 06:20 AM
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My personal bias is to include Egypt on your itinerary (bias because I have been there and not been to most of other places your mentioned - so not offering a comparison). Going inside the pyramids, cruising the Nile - it was really magic. This would certainly take care of your history requirement.

If it were me, I might add some other locations in general area - Greece, Turkey, Morocco. Then I would find some place to unwind for a few days, head off on a safari and then end up in South Africa, as you preferred.

My other choice would be to fly to US/Canada and plan a drive/fly trip across 2 countries.

Thanks for giving me a chance to think about a great fantasy trip - I will do same some day and regret not doing it before demands of kids and job. Only a few more years to kids depart, then I will post here for advice on my own trip!
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Jun 4th, 2003, 07:29 AM
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hi Kay
Some useful general advice, with a long trip like this where you want to cover a number of continents when it comes to air arrangements check out the oneworld air alliance. (
They have some excellent deals on round the world and circular routes using their various air partners (BA, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and the like). This would be a great way to contain the cost of your trip. I'm looking at using them for a trip to Europe/India/Sri Lanka, and early indications are that I will be able to make quite considerable savings.
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Jun 5th, 2003, 02:18 AM
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*With only 2-3 months we probably won't want to cover more than a couple of continents but will check out that flight idea, thank you very much.
*Egypt is on our list, as we've never been and a return to Morocco is also on the list but since we could probably visit both countries without difficulty in a normal 1-2 week holiday we might leave those destinations for later trips.
*Greece is an interesting idea but we'd definitely want to combine it. Turkey has never appealed but I did see something on television about these old rock carved buildings there which were somewhat like the ones at Petra and in Montezuma. Does anyone know more about those?
*If we were to do Africa we would probably concentrate on East Africa and then Southern Africa, I think.
*But given our desire to avoid group tours (particularly overland ones aimed at younger people but also classier small group ones if possible) we are wondering how we could achieve a 2-3 month itinerary without spending a fortune.
*What are April and May like as times to visit either East Africa or Southern Africa? Would we miss the migrations? Hit rainy season? Be too hot or too cold?

Fantasy trips are wonderful but become so hard when trying to make them a reality.
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Jun 9th, 2003, 05:43 PM
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My husband and I went on a nine week trip in 2000 and I think we fit a similar profile to yourself and your partner. We used Air France into Dakar and out of Dar Es Salaam and a South African Airways air pass which was the most affordable way of travelling across Africa.
This was our itinerary;
Senegal- Mali to Timbuktu on a small group basic hotel based trip with Guerba (two+ weeks)
Ghana (5 days)
Capetown and the wine country 10 days
Zimbabwe visiting friends (Harare and the Matopos outside Bulawayo) train to Vic Falls.
From Vic Falls 10 night safari flying between camps Tongabezi,(Vic Falls) Sausage Tree (lower Zambezi Valley) Robin Pope (Luangwa Valley) then a small plane transfer to Malawi.
Then we did the backpacker thing...took a ferry up Lake Malawi,hitchiked, mini buses...and train to Dar-Es-Salaam.
The we had about 10 days in Zanzibar... 4 days in the Stone Town and 4/5 days on the beach.
It was great to see such a variety of African expereinces even thoug it was alot of ground to cover. We loved combining backpacking with the upscale safari/winecountry thing.

We don't think of ourselves as "group" trip people and the only reason we considered the Guerba trip was that it offered certain ways of travel we couldn't have afforded on our own; a pirogue trip up the Niger, hiking in Dogon country, 4WD trip through the desert.
The trip was surprisingly fun, the people we met were great. Most had travelled be honest it made sense because who would sign up for a trip to Mali! There was one guy in his 20's and everyone else was in their 30's with one couple in their 40's. I'd sertainly recommend a small group trip, frankly it was very much like backpacking just in a group...sounds odd but true, small basic hotels, flexible travel etc.
I'd definately recommend Malawi and Tanzania overland.
Anyway hope this helps.
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Jun 9th, 2003, 05:46 PM
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I'm so sorry just realized that I missed the section on health in your email so perhaps the trip I mentioned wouldn't work as well, but you could fly Ghana, South Africa and then Tanzania to get a wonderful comparative view of Africa.
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Jun 10th, 2003, 03:34 AM
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I really appreciate your posts, welltravelledbrit and I think they will prove to be very helpful to us. As you say, we will have to make some allowances for the physical limitations issues.
Would you consider emailing me to discuss this further?
[email protected]
Thank you.
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