Nov 11th, 1997, 09:45 AM
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I am leaving for Israel and Egypt in a few days and
trying to decide if I should take my Camrecorder.
I know that I will probably have to pay extra to
videotape certain tourists sites but my question is
"Is it worth the trouble of having an extra item to
carry around and keep track of?" Also want to know
if there are any problems with taking it.I would appreciate
any suggestions from individuals who have taken one to
that area. Was it worth it or would you leave it at
home next time? Thanks for the info. Sue
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Nov 11th, 1997, 07:28 PM
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Hi Sue. I didn't take one, but we saw plenty of people who did. It is a pain in some'll have to leave it at the door in many museums or leave it behind before you enter many archaeological sites. And of course, there's the added nuisance of customs/airport checks. On the other hand, it makes for great memories of your trip. This might sound corny, but if you meet some people whom you enjoy, you'll probably want to remember their voices, words, actions, etc so a cam. might come in handy then. Also, if it's small enough, it might not be such a hassle. Whatever you decide, have a great trip. It's a fascinating region and you'll love it!
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Nov 11th, 1997, 09:33 PM
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Simrin: Thanks for your thoughts. I took one to
South Africa and enjoyed seeing the videotapes when
I returned although it was somewhat of a hassle. It
was probably easier there though because I rented so
I had my own transportation. I just purchased a
smaller one so I guess to justify the money I just
spent for it, I will probably take it. I don't think
it sounded corny about taping people who I meet. I
have wonderful memories of people I have met throughout
the world and this would only enhanced my memories.
Thanks again. I leave in 3 days so I am on a count
down. Sue
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