cameras on Kilimanjaro

Jul 15th, 2008, 05:07 AM
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cameras on Kilimanjaro

I will be climbing Kilimanjaro in August and have heard lots of stories about people having trouble with their cameras in the cold temperatures at the top of the mountain.

I know it's possible to get cameras to work, because I've seen many pictures of people at the top. Does anyone have any stories about their experiences, or any tips to keep my point and shoot camera running in the cold?

Also, I'm worried about running out of battery power, because I'll hopefully be taking pictures during the hike to the top. My camera doesn't take double AAs, so I can't just stock up on batteries. Did anyone take extra camera batteries, and, if so, how many did you take/use up? I'd hate to miss out on taking pictures just because I'm worried about using up the battery.

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Jul 15th, 2008, 05:24 AM
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Have you considered investing in a PowerMonkey solar charger?

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Jul 16th, 2008, 05:46 AM
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The battery is an important issue. The Canon S2, S3, etc. take AAs--4 of them so you could load up on AAs, but that takes room and weight.

The Sony DSC H2 (but NOT H9) takes 2 AAs. That was one big factor in my decision to go digital. The camera had to take regular batteries where I did not have to rely on daily recharging because electricity may not always be available when needed.

I have taken enough batteries to get me through a trip when charging is not possible or I think it might not work. But I have not had to haul them up a mountain.

For 10 days in Botswana, where the main goal was taking pictures and some days I was out 12 hours, though there were not 12 hours of continuous photo ops, I took about 18 AAs for my DSC H2. I still had power on the plane on the way home to view my photos and delete some.

The other thing would be not to do that reviewing and deleting while on the trip so you could save on batteries. On the Botswana trip I did do lots of viewing, enlarging to check details, deleting. I even cropped a couple of pics in the camera to make them bigger. Those procedures used up a lot of battery juice that I probably should not have used.

Also in a pinch, it is possible to find AAs worldwide. It is not possible to the lithium camera batteries everywhere, especially when there are so many different models.
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Jul 16th, 2008, 07:00 PM
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You first need to do some math and find how many shots you get per full battery charge. Go from there for how many extra camera type lithium-ion batteries you need to take and er on the one-too-many side. Just guessing, I'd guess three would be enough.

As for AA batteries, by far the best are the lithium type (not lithium-ion). AA lithiums are about $2.50 each and are NOT rechargeable. Expensive, but they last much longer than any other AA including the NiMH rechargeable types. They are also lighter than any other AA type. I take a set of AA lithiums as back up even when taking AA rechargeables.

regards - tom
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Jul 17th, 2008, 05:25 AM
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I brought my little point and shoot (I didn't want to bring my SLR on summit day), looped the case around my neck and buried it under a bunch of layers to keep the battery from freezing.

However, come sunrise, I was too damn cold to even think about going in to capture any moments.

Once we reached the top, I finally was able to shed some layers and hubby took some pics. Worked fine!
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Jul 17th, 2008, 06:29 AM
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The 18 batteries I used were about 10 of those long life ones and about 8 rechargeables.
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Jul 18th, 2008, 03:36 PM
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Here's a tip I learned from another Kili climber: put all your batteries in a ziploc bag at night, and sleep with it inside your sleeping bag. If the batteries are left out in the cold they will lose their charge quickly. Other climbers in my group who did not do this ended up running out of batteries before the summit.

I lugged my DSLR + 2 extra batteries + memory cards all the way to the summit. Now I'm getting the photos ready to post on my website ... they should be up soon.
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