Cairo to Luxor train


Oct 26th, 1999, 06:54 PM
bob walker
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Cairo to Luxor train

I'd like to hear from anyone who has done this trip and who might let us know how often the train leaves, how long the journey is, what quality of train we can expect, food etc. Also is this a safe way to get to Luxor or should we fly as suggested in most guide books ?

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Oct 28th, 1999, 07:00 AM
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We rode the night train in July from Cairo-Luxor and then Aswan-Cairo. We were in the 1st class car, big airplane-type seats that recline. There were 2 seats on one side and 1 on the other. The train was clean and VERY safe, we put our bags on overhead rack and were told that no one would touch them (true).

It was hard to sleep on train (Cairo-Luxor), as they leave the lights on, the TV monitors are running full volume ALL night, and (food) vendors and the conductor are coming down the aisle all night. And it was cold.

The ride from Aswan-Cairo was much better. Our conductor only asked once for our tickets and we talked him into turning off the TV (the other conductor would not).

I can't remember how much the tickets are, about $10 I think, they were cheap.

Have a good trip!
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Oct 29th, 1999, 12:01 AM
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I lived in Egypt for 10 years and took this train a few times. Although only take the train if you have time to spare. Otherwise, fly. The train takes about 12 hours and during the night, so you don't really get to see anything. I have only used the sleeper compartments where they make up a nice clean berth for you. So we slept nicely all night. I don't remember how much this cost, but I know all travel this way in Egypt is cheap by American standards.

The (express) train leaves once a day, around 6 pm. The food they served us in the private compartments was just fine, nothing stellar. In terms of safety, my 10 years as a blond female in Egypt tells me everything there is safe. I was never afraid being by myself anyplace even during the dead of night. Egyptians are the most helpful and hospitable people in the world.
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Nov 29th, 1999, 08:47 AM
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Took sleeper compartment (Wagon Lit) from Cairo to Aswan in 1994 and also Cairo to Luxor in 1998. The compartment is comfortable and private. You can regulate the heat and turn the lights off. You have bunk-bed type berths with blankets, sheets, etc. The dinner and breakfast are palatable but that's it. Toilets are at either end of car and run out of paper during the journey. Take an extra roll or 2 with you. Train arrives in Luxor very early- about 5 or 5:30 AM.
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